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WOODLUXE® Water-Based Transparent Exterior Stain

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Woodluxe® Water-Based Translucent Exterior Stain

The Ultimate Protection for Outdoor Beauty

Introducing Benjamin Moore Woodluxe, an innovative line of water-based exterior stains designed to provide your outdoor wood surfaces with unparalleled protection and beauty.

This premium-quality all-weather exterior stain is perfect for protecting and beautifying siding, decks, porches, fences, and furniture. Years of technological innovation and research have resulted in a new exterior stain that seals and protects wood with luxurious results.

Why Choose Woodluxe Water-Based Translucent Stain?

  • Advanced All-Weather Protection: Protects wood under various weather conditions all year long, including UV exposure and frost, with a mildew-resistant coating.
  • Excellent Wood Penetration: Advanced formula minimizes film buildup, makes recoating easier, and reduces cracking and peeling.
  • Easy Application: One-coat coverage with minimal lap marks for a consistent finish.
  • Suitable for Both Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces: Ideal for decks, wood fences, outdoor wood furniture, and more.
  • Wide Range of Colours: Available in 7 beautiful ready-mix colours to enhance the natural beauty of your wood.

Transparent stain allows the full beauty of the wood to show through, making it perfect for new or younger wood decks in good condition. Ideal for hardwoods like mahogany, teak, and ipe.