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Romabio | Mediumgrip Primer

by Romabio
Original price $64.99 - Original price $349.99
Original price
$64.99 - $349.99
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Elevate Your Surfaces with ROMABIO® BioGrip Medium: The Universal Mineral Primer

Introducing ROMABIO® BioGrip Medium, the quintessential mineral-based primer designed to revolutionize the way you paint. Whether you're embarking on an interior makeover or enhancing your exterior appeal, BioGrip Medium offers unmatched versatility, durability, and longevity, setting a new standard in the painting industry.

Versatility Meets Performance

  • Universal Application: Engineered for both interior and exterior surfaces, BioGrip Medium adheres seamlessly to unabsorbent or glossy surfaces, including brick, Hardie Board, cementitious board, concrete, CMU block, stucco, and painted walls.
  • Robust Durability: Formulated for extreme durability, this mineral primer withstands the test of time, ensuring your surfaces look impeccable for years to come.
  • Optimal Aggregate: With medium aggregate integration, BioGrip Medium provides the perfect foundation for topcoat adherence, enhancing paint longevity and finish.

Eco-Conscious and User-Friendly

  • Organic Composition: Embrace a healthier painting solution with BioGrip Medium's organic, mineral-based formula, free from toxins and environmentally friendly.
  • Effortless Application: Achieve superior coverage effortlessly, whether you prefer a brush, roller, or sprayer. Its easy-to-use nature ensures a smooth, professional finish every time.

Specifics That Matter

  • Impressive Coverage: Tailored to your needs, BioGrip Medium offers extensive coverage options, accommodating various project sizes with ease.
  • Simple Preparation: Ensure optimal adhesion with straightforward surface preparation, followed by recommended dilution for a flawless application.
  • Reliable Certifications: With accolades like C2C and HPD, trust in a product that meets stringent environmental and health standards.

Transform Your Space with Confidence

Choose ROMABIO® BioGrip Medium for a painting experience that combines innovation, sustainability, and efficacy. Whether you aim to refresh your living room or revitalize your building's facade, BioGrip Medium stands as your trusted companion, delivering enduring beauty and protection to your valued surfaces.