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WOODLUXE® Water-Based Semi-Transparent Exterior Stain

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Woodluxe® Water-Based Semi-Transparent Exterior Stain

The Ultimate Protection for Outdoor Beauty

Introducing Benjamin Moore Woodluxe, an innovative line of water-based exterior stains designed to provide your outdoor wood surfaces with unparalleled protection and beauty.

This premium-quality all-weather exterior stain is perfect for protecting and beautifying siding, decks, porches, fences, and furniture. Years of technological innovation and research have resulted in a new exterior stain that seals and protects wood with luxurious results.

Why Choose Woodluxe Water-Based Semi-Transparent Stain?

  • Advanced All-Weather Protection: Protects wood under various weather conditions all year long, including UV exposure and frost, with a mildew-resistant coating.
  • Excellent Wood Penetration: Advanced formula minimizes film buildup, makes recoating easier, and reduces cracking and peeling.
  • Easy Application: One-coat coverage with minimal lap marks for a consistent finish.
  • Suitable for Both Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces: Ideal for decks, wood fences, outdoor wood furniture, and more.
  • Wide Range of Colours: Available in 75 stunning colours to enhance the natural beauty of your wood.

Semi-Transparent stain allows most of the grain pattern and texture of the wood to show through, making it perfect for decks that are a few years old and in need of a new stain. Ideal for softwoods like cedar and pine.