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Ready Seal | Wood Stain & Sealer

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Ready Seal Stain and Sealer for Wood is the best stain for protecting all your outdoor wood projects. Ready Seal wood stains are PROFESSIONAL GRADE wood stains, designed for professional results every time! Wood staining has never been easier for both the professional and the do-it-yourselfer. By circumventing the problems often encountered by conventional wood stains and deck paint products, Ready Seal wood stains are able to offer fast, easy application without sacrificing durability or cosmetic appeal, making us the best stain on the market!

There are many more reasons why Ready Seal is the best wood stain and sealer product on the market. Discover Ready Seal’s quality and simplicity - use the wood stain and sealant product on your next project! If you’d like to find out more about the Ready Seal advantage, contact our team and we’ll provide even more convincing details that prove Ready Seal has the best wood stain and sealer!

Why is Ready Seal the best wood stain and sealer?

Wood Stain and Wood Sealer in one.

Most wood stain and sealers require a long, complicated application process for a polished final result, including staining and sealing separately. Ready Seal’s exceptional formula allows the application of color and sealant in one step. This capability eliminates the extra costs and time-wasting that typically occurs during traditional stain application. You will save time and money when you use Ready Seal.

No peeling, cracking, or chipping.

Instead of penetrating into wood, traditional wood stains form an inflexible film on the surface of wood which cannot adapt to the expansion and contraction of wood through temperature changes, leading to cracking and flaking over time. Ready Seal wood stains penetrate deep into wood, moisturizing with waterproofing oils and creating a flexible barrier that keeps moisture out without cracking, chipping, or peeling.

Goof Proof™ application process.

Traditional wood stain application necessitates back brushing, a process that smooths out runs, streaks and brush marks. Back brushing is also required for spray applications of traditional wood stains. Back brushing isn’t needed with Ready Seal’s wood stain and sealant products. You’ll never have to back brush, even after spraying! No more runs, laps or streaks.