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Staalmeester Original Series Pointed Sash Brush 2012

Original price $19.99 - Original price $28.99
Original price
$19.99 - $28.99
Current price $19.99

Staalmeester Original Series Pointed Sash Brush 2012

The Pointed Sash Brush 2012 from the Original Series is a round brush with a pointed end, making it perfect for achieving precision in painting window frames and profiles. This versatile brush is designed to work seamlessly with water-based paints.

Key Features:

  • Synthetic and natural fibre mix - Ensures smooth and even application
  • Suited for water-based paint - Ideal for detailed work
  • Perfect for edging work and cutting in - Excellent for precision tasks


The Pointed Sash Brush 2012 contains the Staalmeester® polyester mix: a combination of white natural Chungking bristles and synthetic bristles in the recognisable purple color. The handle is made from FSC beech wood, providing both durability and a comfortable grip. The bristles are firmly secured in a copper-plated ferrule.

What type of paint is the Pointed Sash Brush 2012 suitable for?

This brush is suitable for water-based paint.

What can I use a Pointed Sash Brush for?

A Pointed Sash Brush is mainly used for precision work. The pointed tip allows you to paint accurately in corners and frames. It’s often called a bent fitch brush and round brush in one.