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3 Signs Your Home Is In Desperate Need Of A Paint Job

3 Signs Your Home Is In Desperate Need Of A Paint Job

As we head into the fall, our houses need to be in the best shape to fight off the cold and wind. After all, this is our solace from the winter winds, or protection from the spring showers. But while most of our homes will literally stand up to the elements, that doesn’t mean they’ll keep us comfortable. Exterior walls can sometimes crack and leak and a small repair coupled with a new coat of paint can often be the best way to protect our homes and ourselves from whatever winter has in store. So how can you tell if your home needs a new paint job? Here are three telling signs you’re in need of, at a minimum, a fresh coat of paint.

1. Cracked Stucco
Back in the day, stucco was marketed as the invincible siding that would stay resilient until the end of days. This is a little bit untrue, however, and even stucco will need some attention as it gets older, especially as many homes built during the “Stucco Boom” are reaching 20-30 years old. If you see cracks forming in your stucco, you’ll want to paint it to protect your home’s frame from the dangerous elements. Sorry, stucco isn’t the be all and end all of home siding. It may need some tender loving care after a couple of decades. Fresh paint can seal up those cracks and make your home waterproof once more, for less money and time than you might think.

2. Dry Rot
If you notice some beams on your home are looking a little strange in shape or size, you may be staring at dry rot, a way your home can start to decay from the inside out. Dry rot is very dangerous and needs to be taken seriously. It can spread to other parts of your home, causing structural damage on top of leaving your home vulnerable to water damage. The best way to take control of the situation is to waterproof your home’s exterior with a new paint job.

3. Flaking paint
When paint no longer wants to stick where it always was, you have some serious moisture issues. Water can leak through paint and cause serious structural damage, but it will first take away paint. Bulges, flaking, and bubbles are all signs that your home is no longer water-tight. A fresh coat of paint and some washing off of old paint can do wonders for your home’s exterior, though. So inspect your home carefully before it gets cold and paint wherever it’s needed.

Our homes protect us from the rain, the cold, the snow, and whatever else our Canadian climate throws at us, but it needs protecting as well. Exterior maintenance is an important part of any homeowners autumn checklist and checking for signs of exterior wear and tear is an essential part of that list. Look for signs of dry rot and water damage and treat your home to a new coat of paint.

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