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Staalmeester Pro-Hybrid Series Round Brush 2020

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Staalmeester Pro-Hybrid Series Round Brush 2020

The Round Brush 2020 from the Pro-Hybrid Series is your go-to tool for achieving a flawless finish on window frames, furniture, and doors. This versatile brush is designed to work seamlessly with both water-based and oil-based paints.

Key Features:

  • 100% synthetic fibre - Ensures smooth and even application
  • Suited for water-based and oil-based paint - Versatility at its best
  • Ideal for small surfaces - Perfect for detailed work


The 2020 Pointed Sash brush features the Pro-Hybrid fibre: 100% synthetic bristles in a distinctive purple color. The handle is made from FSC beech wood, providing both durability and a comfortable grip. The bristles are securely held in a stainless steel INOX ferrule, reinforced with an extra glued green string for added durability.

What type of paint is the Round Brush 2020 suitable for?

This brush is suitable for both water-based and oil-based paint.

What can I use a Round Brush for?

A Round Brush is perfect for painting window frames, doors, spindles, or furniture. It is a true all-round brush, with which you can easily paint medium-sized smooth surfaces, as well as corners or edges.