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Abatron LiquidWood 6oz Kit

by Abatron
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Structural Epoxy Wood Hardener and Consolidant for Deteriorated Wood.

Uses: LiquidWood® penetrates wood fibers and structurally hardens decayed and weathered wood permanently.  Use indoors and outdoors and on both structural and decorative wood. Use to harden and restore wood on buildings, windows, columns, beams, decks, boats, furniture, artwork, and any wooden architectural elements. Use also as a primer or thinner for WoodEpox®.

Features & Benefits: LiquidWood epoxy wood consolidant is easy to use and produces permanent results. Its low viscosity allows it to penetrate deep into the wood and saturate deteriorated wood fibers prior to hardening.  This eliminates the need to remove the areas that can be effectively consolidated. With LiquidWood, deteriorated wood that could crumble under finger pressure can be restored to structural, high-strength, durable, weather and insect-resistant wood.  The absence of water and solvents eliminates shrinkage and enhances adhesion.  It is low odor and produces virtually zero VOCs, making it safe and hazard-free in any environment. Treated wood will harden within hours, and like new wood, can easily be sawed, planed, drilled, nailed, painted, routed, and sanded.

Technical Characteristics: 1:1 mixing ratio. Combine equal parts A and B until fully blended. Pot life: approximately 30 minutes. Hardens within hours depending on temperature and other environmental factors.  100% epoxy solids.  Waterproof. Coverage: 231 cubic inches per gallon.  Effective coverage varies based on the porosity of the wood.  Translucent amber color liquid resin. Apply by brushing, pouring, or injecting directly onto dry, bare wood.  Application temperature range: 50-90° F.  100% compatible with WoodEpox.

The superior wood filler!