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3M Full Face Respirator

by 3M
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The 3M™ Full Face Paint Project Respirator 69P71 is an all-in-one kit that offers protection against certain paint spray, solvents and vapors. This reusable respirator is designed for professionals with larger faces and features a balanced, four-strap design for lasting comfort and full face and eye protection. The swept-back 3M™ Organic Vapor Cartridges offer enhanced field of view when combined with the provided cartridges and filters. To ensure your safety when working with potentially harmful chemicals, consider using the 3M™ Full Face Paint Project Respirator 69P71 for your next paint project.

The kit includes one facepiece, one pair of replaceable 6001 cartridges, one pair of 501 retainers, and two pairs of replaceable 5P71 filters. The 6001 OV cartridge is NIOSH-approved for use against certain organic vapors, while the 5P71 P95 rated filters have at least 95% filtration efficiency against solids, liquid aerosols, and oil-based particulates. The reusable 501 retainer attaches the filter to the cartridge.

The full face respirator is designed for workplace/occupational use only and has a soft silicone face seal that provides excellent comfort. The four straps create a balanced and comfortable feel on the head, and the adjustable design helps you achieve a personalized fit. The durable and convenient design of the respirator makes it suitable for repeated use. The 3M Bayonet Connection is compatible with a wide range of 3M cartridges and filters.