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SurfPrep | Vacuum Hose & Port Reducers

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When connecting your SurfPrep sander to your shop vacuum, ensure compatibility by noting the 1” swivel port on all SurfPrep vacuum-compatible sanders. This port is designed for a 1” ribbed hose. For your shop vacuum, select one reducer and one section of 1” hose.

You have two options for connection: either to the port hole or the hose of your vacuum. To determine the suitable adaptor/hose combination, identify the port diameter or hose diameter of your specific vacuum. This information can be found online, in the owner's manual, or by measuring the diameter yourself.

For connecting your SurfPrep sander to your existing vacuum, you'll need one reducer connection and one section of SurfPrep 1″ hose. All SurfPrep reducers standardize vacuum or port size to 1″ for compatibility with SurfPrep hose. Adaptors enable seamless integration of your shop-vac system with SurfPrep sanding systems:

  • The 1.25″ (SPVHR1-1.25), 1.75” (SPVHR1-1.75), and 2.5” (SPUHR) hose reducers provide a snug fit over the hose end.
  • The 1.5” (SPVHHR1-1.5) hose reducer features threading for a secure seal onto the hose end.
  • The 2.25” (SPCX) port reducer slides into the unthreaded intake port of your vacuum.