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SurfPrep | 3″X4″ Paper Backed Sanding Sheets

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SurfPrep's 3" x 4" Paper Backed Abrasives with Hook & Loop (H&L) feature a blend of Aluminum Oxide and paper backing for enhanced support of grain and edge-wear. With premium abrasive grain in an open coat construction, these abrasives deliver a true, consistent, and uniform scratch pattern. The innovative 'load-free' coating ensures a fast rate of cut and extends the life of the abrasives. Each box contains 100 sanding sheets, providing ample supply for your projects. Featuring Italian engineering and design, SurfPrep branded paper discs offer consistent tolerances for reliable performance. They provide a true, consistent, and uniform finish without "swirl marks." The "B-weight" "calendared paper" backing supports high-quality aluminum oxide grains in grits P120 – P320, while "C-weight" supports grits P80 – P100. With 4 holes for vacuum attachment, these discs ensure efficient dust evacuation. Enhanced Zinc Stearate minimizes substrate transfer during "strip sanding" as long as the material being stripped is cured. SurfPrep believes in simplicity, offering one superior paper disc constructed to the highest quality standards to simplify decision-making for consumers when prepping surfaces.