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SurfPrep | 3″ X 4″ SurfPrep ProFoam Pads

Original price $57.99 - Original price $69.99
Original price
$57.99 - $69.99
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SurfPrep ProFoam Hook & Loop Sanding Pads: Premium Abrasives for Efficient Sanding

Crafted with superior pre-stressed minerals, SurfPrep ProFoam Hook & Loop Pads offer enhanced cutting capabilities with minimal pressure, doubling the longevity compared to the original SurfPrep pads. Available in 5mm, 10mm, and 1/2" thicknesses, these pads come in various grits suitable for diverse applications, with a convenient variety pack option as well.

5mm Pads

Ideal for uniform sanding tasks, the 5mm thickness excels in scuff sanding into tight corners and edges, ensuring thorough coverage, especially in challenging areas like drawer boxes and detailed moldings. Its non-loading design ensures a smooth, pill-free finish.

10mm Firm Pads

The 10mm pads provide a consistent and even sanding surface, perfect for flat sanding requirements. These firm pads are indispensable for reaching into corners and edges that disc sanders can't, offering a full coverage solution without loading or pilling.

1/2" Squishy Pads

 The 1/2" pads are specifically designed for tasks requiring a soft, flexible approach to avoid cutting through or burning finishes, especially on profiled surfaces. These pads adapt perfectly to moldings on miter doors, ensuring a pill-free and smooth finish without loading.

Each SurfPrep ProFoam Hook & Loop Pad is engineered for maximum durability and performance, making them an essential tool for cabinet and furniture makers seeking precision and efficiency in their sanding processes.