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Mini Mite 4 Gravity HVLP Spray System - FUJI SPRAY

The Mini-Mite 4 system includes all the same features as the Mini-Mite 3 model but with the use of a stronger 4-stage motor turbine. The MM4 includes the Fuji T-75G Spray Gun that features a pattern control knob to adjust the fan size from small to large. Fuji installs the same powerful 4-stage turbine motor as used in the Q4 Models. The MM4 does not have the patented noise-reduction feature as seen on the Fuji Q-Models, however the noise level is no more than any other standard HVLP turbine. The MM4 Turbine develops approximately 8.5psi. This allows for less thinning of paints than any 3-stage model. More than enough pressure to spray all known coatings (when properly thinned) and all the newer water-based coatings. The Spray Gun included with this package is the Fuji T-75G Gravity Gun with 600cc cup. The standard Air cap set #3 (1.3mm) is for the use of general purpose fine finishing. Easy to maintain. Perfect for professional or beginner. This is an industrial-rated machine at an unbeatable price. Heavy-duty metal case with Gun Holder. Portable and powerful. The system includes the Mini-Mite 4 Turbine, 25ft Hi-Flex hose, T-75G Non-bleed Spray Gun with with 600cc cup, viscosity cup, cleaning brush, wrench and 20 page user manual.