Goof Off | HEAVY DUTY REMOVER 16 oz.

Goof Off | HEAVY DUTY REMOVER 16 oz.


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"The only thing permanent is toughness!"

Goof Off® Heavy Duty is the powerful and effective solution for all types of tough messes. Plus, it outperforms other removers in a head-to-head competition.

  • Removes the tough messes ordinary household removers can’t!
  • Removes adhesives & glue, crayon, pen & marker, gum, scuff marks, stickers & decals, asphalt & tar, tree sap, nail polish and more
  • Ideal for all kinds of hard surfaces – all metals, glass, brick, wood, concrete, grout, vinyl tops, fiberglass, hand tools, most automotive surfaces, countertops.
  • Comes in a wide array of sizes.