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Why Scenic Paint Beats Hardware Store Paint for Stage Productions

Rebecca Grazi, a skilled artist from Connecticut, specializes in portraiture and scenic painting. She recently got the chance to work with Rosco Off Broadway Scenic Paint while creating two set pieces for the Connecticut Ballet's production of Coppélia. In the past, she had relied on paint from hardware stores for her scenic work. However, as soon as she started using Off Broadway, she noticed the clear advantages of using scenic paint. Here are three reasons why she found working with scenic paint preferable to hardware store paint for creating CT Ballet's scenery.

Rosco Off Broadway ColourChart

Color Selection Made Easy

When choosing paint from a hardware store, Rebecca often found herself in a dilemma, staring at paint swatches and hoping that the selected color would match her needs. More often than not, she ended up with a color that didn't quite meet her expectations. While this might suffice for high school or summer program productions, she aimed for excellence in Coppélia. By opting for Rosco's Off Broadway paint, she not only saved time in decision-making but also obtained precisely the colors she desired. This was possible because Off Broadway paint is tailored for artists like her. As Rebecca noted, "The colors have names I recognize," and she didn't have to spend hours agonizing over paint swatches to find the right shade. With names like "Burnt Umber" and "Yellow Ochre," artists can envision the paint colors and trust that the final result will align with their creative vision.

Economical Usage

"I diluted the paint, so it went a long way," recalled Rebecca. By thinning Off Broadway paint with water or one of Rosco's Clear Acrylic Glazes (or a combination of both), scenic artists can extend their budgets by using less paint. Moreover, scenic artists can save on paint by mixing colors. Off Broadway paints are created with a pure tint artist's palette, making them ideal for mixing. In contrast, most hardware store paints tend to become muddy when mixed. When working with a tight budget, focusing on primary colors is advantageous because you can blend them to create a wide array of vibrant secondary colors, eliminating the need to purchase an entire collection. Rebecca harnessed the power of dilution and color mixing with Off Broadway scenic paint, ultimately using much less paint than expected.

Enhanced Quality Saves Time & Paint

Choosing Rosco scenic paint over hardware store paint not only saved Rebecca valuable time but also reduced the amount of paint required. Rebecca shared that her drying time was cut in half when using Rosco Off Broadway paint. With just one coat, her work came to life quickly, giving her more time to focus on the finer details of set design. On the other hand, hardware store paint often demanded multiple coats to adequately cover scenery and withstand the bright stage lights. Off Broadway paint, designed for stage use, steals the spotlight with its exceptional coverage, creating vivid scenes under the intense stage lighting.


In Conclusion

Using scenic paint may come with a higher initial cost compared to hardware store paint. However, the benefits it offers far outweigh the slightly higher price tag. By choosing Off Broadway paint, Rebecca saved valuable time and money through fewer coats, paint dilution, and color mixing. After comparing the differences, Rebecca expressed, "You can achieve great results with hardware store paint if you're experienced, but there's definitely a quality difference. If I have the choice in the future, I'd definitely prefer to use Rosco paints again."
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