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Three Reasons To Buy High-Quality Paint

Three Reasons To Buy High-Quality Paint

When selecting a paint product for your project the choices can sometimes seem overwhelming, there are quite a number of products to choose from whether you are looking to paint your interior, or exterior. Making a final decision can sometimes come down to price, but there are many reasons why you may want to avoid price shopping for your paint, and opt instead to purchase a high-quality paint product.

Paint Difficult Colours Faster, With Less Coats

One aspect to consider when shopping for paint is paint colour. Deciding on a paint colour, can be for some, an arduous process involving many hours spent pouring over paint chips under various lighting conditions. At others times, some people may simply choose a colour on a whim. Regardless of how you decide your paint colour, it is always a good idea to think about paint quality if you are selecting a challenging colour.

Fact is that some paint colours are easier than others to accurately reproduce in your home. If you select a difficult colour, such as a deep red or bold yellow, and decide to buy a low-cost paint you may end up needing four or even five coats of paint before you end up with a colour that you’re satisfied with. Even then, it may not look exactly how you pictured it. If you are not sure whether your colour will be difficult, consult with the staff at your local paint store, they will have excellent insight into the difficulty of painting many colours.

The best way to avoid these sorts of problems is to select a paint product that can tackle these challenging colours in only a few coats. Benjamin Moore’s Aura is one such product, able to paint beautifully bold red colours in often as little as two coats.

Paint Once and Forget About Repainting

When purchasing lower-cost paint many people will inevitably run into the need to repaint their home. This is because economy grade paint simply does not contain the same ingredients, and is not made to last or stand up to abuse like high-quality premium paints are. As times passes the true nature of these economy grade paints begin to show, some common problems include:

  • Fading colours
  • Cracking, peeling paint
  • Inability to clean without damaging paint surface
  • Low resistance to scuff marks
  • Poor touch-up characteristics

Generally, one of the biggest problems with many paint jobs is that people have opted for highly affordable paint that does not stand up to the test of time. However, while trying to save a few dollars their choice usually results in an overall increased cost of their paint job when considering how often they may need to repaint. They’ll either have to spend the time themselves repainting, or hire professionals to complete the job for them.

A premium paint product will avoid many of these issues and will hold up well to being cleaned and provide fantastic touch-up characteristics. Purchasing quality paint products is a much better investment when considering the total cost of home painting over the lifespan of typical home ownership.

Brands Aren’t Everything

While this tip may not deal specifically with why you should buy high-quality paint, it’s worth noting that when deciding on a paint product you should be buying based upon an ideal solution for your specific situation, not based on the latest marketing gimmick.

While a paint brand may have a compelling advertisement, it’s always a good idea to ensure that you’re buying a product based on more than simply an ad you saw on television. Take a minute to speak with the staff at your local paint store. You’ll often find that you can gain some very useful insight by simply explaining what you’d like to paint to someone who has a wealth of knowledge. This is the best way to always find the ideal paint solution for your decorating project.

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