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Free Shipping on Farrow & Ball🎨 ONTARIO WIDE 🚚
Copper Patina Sculpture

Copper Patina Sculpture

*Please note that you will have to find your own sculpture head to recreate this piece. You can create this look on anything!*

This look was created using Modern Masters Metal Effects Patina! Would you like to know how? Continue reading: 

Step 1:

Apply two coats of primer (make sure it can bond to the surface you intend to paint. to know which primer you need, please call 416 901 9667) and let dry for recommended drying time 

Step 2:

Paint the first coat of copper paint and let dry!

Step 3:

After applying the second coat, while the paint is still very wet, spray with activator solution. Make sure the piece is already somewhere where you don’t have to move it or touch it, as this will make for ugly smears on the piece you’re already working so hard to create!

Step 4:

Let dry completely. 

Step 5:

allow the day to pass, and in the morning you should see a finished piece! 
Interested in more cool DIY’s like this?! Check out Eliesa from the @pinterestaddictblog 


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