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4 Reasons Benjamin Moore Paint Beats The Other Guys

4 Reasons Benjamin Moore Paint Beats The Other Guys

For decades, Benjamin Moore paint has stood head and shoulders above competing brands. The name has become synonymous with high quality and stunning colour and is widely available. Besides being environmentally friendly, chosen frequently by professional painting contractors, and one of the safest paints on the market, Benjamin Moore’s quality paints are the best decision for any paint job, from fences to bathrooms to your child’s bedroom makeover.

Here are four reasons that Benjamin Moore is better than most of the other paints on the shelf.

1. Versatility

Benjamin Moore offers a wide variety of paints to match whatever your next project demands. Depending on your next project, your may need something extremely durable, or easily applicable, or leaves a beautiful and stunning finish. With an entire line of quality paints, from the Aura Exterior Paint to their patented Arborcoat Waterborne Exterior Stain, Benjamin Moore has exterior paints that cover any job. The same versatility is here for your indoor renovations as well. Such as great paints for steamy bathrooms or your kid’s race car-themed makeover.

2. Colour Selection

Benjamin Moore has some of the widest selections in the world, with over 2500 colours and mixes to choose from. No matter what your interior or exterior needs, Benjamin Moore has a colour that will make your neighbours stop and notice. From soft greens to bold reds, Benjamin Moore paint will make any room pop, any exterior surface shine with a unique colour available exclusively from Benjamin Moore. Not to mention

3. High Quality

Benjamin Moore paint uses only the highest quality materials and comply with the strictest environmental standards in the world. This means your paint will be more durable, look great for longer, and be safe for you and your family. Whereas other paint can lose its colour, chip, or can’t even hold up to a thorough scrubbing. The quality of Benjamin Moore paints will keep your house looking great for longer.

4. Your Time

People buying paint often think they cannot afford Benjamin Moore paint and that a “bargain” paint is a better option simply for being cheaper. However, when you factor how much more paint you will need for the same job, plus all the extra time applying coat after coat, the price of bargain paint becomes less of a bargain and more of a hassle. When you combine the hours lost and extra paint with the quicker time bargain paints take to fade, they are actually significantly more expensive. Benjamin Moore paints are second to none for quality and require less work and certainly less headaches to apply. In addition, your newly painted walls will look better for much, much longer.

No matter what your next project, the various products and colours offered by Benjamin Moore paints will be the best decision you can make. Combining environmentally friendly materials with only the highest of quality, Benjamin Moore paint has the colour you want in the style you need. Your next paint project will surely turn the most heads when you choose Benjamin Moore.

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