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Why Wallpaper Will Never Go Out Of Style

Why Wallpaper Will Never Go Out Of Style

Design experts will lead you to believe that wallpaper is making a comeback, that it’s returning after years of paint taking the centre stage for home decor, but they’re lying. They’re telling the truth when they say wallpaper has never been more popular. They’re also telling the truth when they talk about new technologies giving you more options for colours, patterns, and textures. But to say wallpaper is making a comeback is silly. Wallpaper never left, it’s always been a great addition to anyone’s home decor. So if it’s never gone out of style, it certainly isn’t going anywhere in the future. Here’s 3 reasons why wallpaper remains one of the best choices for your walls.

1. Endless Patterns and Textures

Whether it’s your kids’ favourite TV characters or a beautiful hand-painted design recommended by an interior designer, there’s patterns for wallpaper that can give any room a unique flavour. Getting a beautiful pattern is easier with wallpaper, and more consistent, and new patterns are coming out everyday, so there’s a pattern that works for you. But we’re not just talking patterns, we’re also talking textures. Wallpaper is so much more than just a flat, heavy paper, it can come in all sorts of materials that can add depth and beauty to any room. For something soft, look for grasscloth wallpaper, which is both environmentally friendly and textured to give rooms a more comfortable and homey feel. For something bold, look to vinyl wallpaper, which can come in deep colours and patterns that are less likely to fade with time.

2. Lots of Colour Choices

If there’s nearly infinite patterns and colours for wallpaper, there’s at least as many colours. Since wallpaper can come in different textures, the colours, tones, and intensities found in wallpaper rival or even exceed paint, which can look different but is still essentially the same texture. Wallpaper has a broad range of colours with each type, all of which can bring a new dynamic to your home decor, so rather than going with boring old paint, try some cool new wallpapers that can play off your home’s style in exciting and interesting new ways.

3. Endurance

Paint chips, alligators, and bubbles. It scratches off and gets marked up, but wallpaper can last. Even better, wallpaper can clean up easier without needing to get a paintbrush and touch up. Especially in kids’ rooms, where your walls can take a beating, wallpaper can save your home from damage and require less touching up. Look for wallpaper styles that put endurance and durability first, like vinyl, that will stand up to most accidents and won’t need additional painting to make everything look brand new again.

Wallpaper is here to stay, so why not go and check out all the exciting ways it can add to your home’s style. Whether it’s eco-conscious grasscloth or a beautiful pattern for your living room, wallpaper gives you more access to colours, textures, and patterns than paint. And that’s why wallpaper is here to stay.

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