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3 Great Ideas On How To Use Magnetic Paint

3 Great Ideas On How To Use Magnetic Paint

You may have seen a bucket of magnetic paint and wondered, “What can I do with this?” Well, we are going to cover some really cool uses for magnetic paints in today’s article. Before painting with this great material, you should make sure that everything is properly masked. You should also make sure that the area is properly ventilated, as the paint can be quite smelly while it is drying.

Make a Magnetic Chalkboard

By combining chalkboard paint and magnetic paint, you can make a magnetic chalkboard! Stick stuff to it and write on it. These are fun and useful for both kids and adults. Here’s how you can make one of your own.

We recommend using a surface such as Masonite hardboard or something similar to turn into your chalkboard. This way, you can hang it on your wall and move it around later. However, you can paint the chalkboard directly onto the wall.

First, you will need some materials, grab yourself a bucket of magnetic primer, and a bucket of chalkboard paint. You will also want some chalk to season the chalkboard with.

Properly mask off the area you want to paint: these paints can be quite messy! Make sure to clean the surface well so that the primer will adhere.

Apply the magnetic primer to the surface first. Make sure you stir A LOT. Magnetic paint takes a lot of stirring to mix properly. You will likely want to use about 6 coats, as the recommended 3 coats doesn’t usually provide enough iron for low-quality magnets. Be careful of dripping and splatter. Allow 30 minutes in between applying coats.

After letting the coats dry, test out the magnetism with a magnet of your choosing. If it doesn’t stick well enough for your liking, add a couple more coats.

Once you are satisfied with the magnetic qualities, allow two hours for the paint to completely dry before applying the chalkboard paint. Roll on the chalkboard paint and give it 24 hours to dry. Next, rub the entire thing over with the side of a piece of chalk, to season the board. Wipe it off with a damp sponge.

Voila! You now have an awesome magnetic chalkboard.

Hang Recipes and Spices in the Kitchen

You can paint the cabinets or walls in your kitchen with magnetic paint, and stick recipes to the walls to read while cooking. You may also have seen magnetic seasoning jars. Yes, these will also stick to magnetic paint. You could also attach magnets to your cooking utensils and hang them from the magnetic walls as well. The possibilities are endless.

Make a Memo Board for Your Home or Office

Replace that old cork board with a sleek new magnetic wall. This is especially useful for your kids’ rooms. Instead of using thumb-tacks to stick things to the wall, just use magnets. Magnets are after all much cleaner with no chance of pricking your fingers.

You can paint the wall in your office with these and use magnets to hold on memos and announcements.

Use your imagination and you can come up with hundreds of great ideas for using magnetic paint in your home or office. We hope this post has gotten you thinking about the great uses of these paints, and don’t forget if you’re looking for a Toronto magnetic paint dealer, we can help! Share it with your friends on your favorite social media outlet and if you’re especially interested in cool magnetic substances (think magnetic fluids) check out ferrofluid it’s sure to blow your mind!

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