4 Reasons Benjamin Moore Paint Beats The Other Guys

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For decades, Benjamin Moore paint has stood head and shoulders above competing brands. The name has become synonymous with high quality and stunning colour and is widely available. Besides being environmentally friendly, chosen frequently by professional painting contractors, and one of the safest paints on the market, Benjamin Moore’s quality paints are the best decision for any paint job, from fences to bathrooms to your child’s bedroom makeover.

Here are four reasons that Benjamin Moore is better than most of the other paints on the shelf.

1. Versatility

Benjamin Moore offers a wide variety of paints to match whatever your next project demands. Depending on your next project, your may need something extremely durable, or easily applicable, or leaves a beautiful and stunning finish. With an entire line of quality paints, from the Aura Exterior Paint to their patented Arborcoat Waterborne Exterior Stain, Benjamin Moore has exterior paints that cover any job. The same versatility is here for your indoor renovations as well. Such as great paints for steamy bathrooms or your kid’s race car-themed makeover.

2. Colour Selection

Benjamin Moore has some of the widest selections in the world, with over 2500 colours and mixes to choose from. No matter what your interior or exterior needs, Benjamin Moore has a colour that will make your neighbours stop and notice. From soft greens to bold reds, Benjamin Moore paint will make any room pop, any exterior surface shine with a unique colour available exclusively from Benjamin Moore. Not to mention

3. High Quality

Benjamin Moore paint uses only the highest quality materials and comply with the strictest environmental standards in the world. This means your paint will be more durable, look great for longer, and be safe for you and your family. Whereas other paint can lose its colour, chip, or can’t even hold up to a thorough scrubbing. The quality of Benjamin Moore paints will keep your house looking great for longer.

4. Your Time

People buying paint often think they cannot afford Benjamin Moore paint and that a “bargain” paint is a better option simply for being cheaper. However, when you factor how much more paint you will need for the same job, plus all the extra time applying coat after coat, the price of bargain paint becomes less of a bargain and more of a hassle. When you combine the hours lost and extra paint with the quicker time bargain paints take to fade, they are actually significantly more expensive. Benjamin Moore paints are second to none for quality and require less work and certainly less headaches to apply. In addition, your newly painted walls will look better for much, much longer.

No matter what your next project, the various products and colours offered by Benjamin Moore paints will be the best decision you can make. Combining environmentally friendly materials with only the highest of quality, Benjamin Moore paint has the colour you want in the style you need. Your next paint project will surely turn the most heads when you choose Benjamin Moore.

Exterior Painting, Does Your Home Really Need It?

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Exterior painting can be a labourious process, one that involves hours of outside work, buying all sorts of new materials, and choosing a new paint colour for your project. This can all seem like a pain and many people try to delay the inevitable as long as possible. But painting the exterior of your home can not only be fun (unless it’s the dead of winter), it may simply be necessary to protecting your home.

Every time your house shields you from a thunder storm, protects you from intense winds, or shelters you from the hot sun, the paint on your house is doing the same thing. Rain, dirt, and heat will all slowly degrade the paint on the outside of your home, meaning that it may be time to replace the paint to help your house look better after years of abuse. Think of it as a thank you to your home for all the years of shelter it has provided you.

But exterior paint is more than just an added buffer to the elements, it is an integral part of your home’s defenses. A quality exterior paint, such as Benjamin Moore, protects your home from water damage and provides a surface that is easy to clean. A good exterior paint job, then, will help prevent water from seeping into parts of your home and keep it looking its best.

Does Your Home Need Painting?

So how do you know if your home needs exterior painting? There are more than a few signs that it needs done. One is the colour. If your house’s colour is faded, then the paint is wearing out, meaning your home is more susceptible to those nasty elements. Dirty exterior walls can also indicate that your paint is becoming less effective. The more difficult the surface is to clean, the more likely you need to repaint the surface. Another tip is to find a relatively sheltered or hidden part of the painted surface and put some tape on it. Strip it away and see what happens. If the paint is taken with it, the whole coat is separating from the house, leaving space for dirt and water to start causing problems under the surface. That will need to be taken care of right away.

The most obvious reason to paint the exterior of your home is if the paint is already chipping. When your home’s paint is already falling off, bigger problems are only one bout of bad weather away, which could leave your home looking bad and also suffering from intense damage from any number of weather-related incidents. Rather than wait in these instances, you should consider painting your home right away.

But if all else fails, just go with your gut feeling. People are starting to trust their own instincts less and less, but if you find yourself thinking that you need to revamp the exterior of your home, then your house could probably do with some exterior painting. You may have noticed some small details over a long period of time that you think you forgot about, or someone could have mentioned something. Whatever the reason, be it fading colour or chipping or simply a gut feeling, exterior painting is always a great option to keep your home safe and beautiful.

If you ever have any questions about the right exterior paint product for your project, feel free to visit us or give us a call.

3 Reasons To Choose Benjamin Moore For Your Next Paint Project

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Benjamin Moore is a popular paint manufacturer that many people have relied on since 1833. Although pricier than some brands, paying the extra dollar for a good quality paint is often well worth it. Here are three reasons to better inform you as to why you should buy Benjamin Moore paint.

Save You Time & Money

The trouble with a lot of the lower priced paints is it often takes more coats of paint to do the job. This is results in it being less economical in three major ways, what are some of the consequences of painting with inferior paint?

  • The first is that it will cost you more in labour. If you are hiring external help to paint your home, it is going to take the painters longer to do the job, thus costing you more.
  • Secondly, you will need more product. The more paint it takes to colour one opaque coat, the more product you will use. You may need to buy an extra gallon or two to get the desired colour intensity payoff with a cheaper paint. Many Benjamin Moore paints cover well enough to require only two coats (even traditionally difficult colours), so you will save you time and money as well.
  • Lastly, the vibrancy of the paint won’t last as long. Cheaper paint will chip, however Benjamin Moore paints utilized special, high-tech pigmentation technology producing long-lasting colour that doesn’t fade in addition to being very durable.

Eco Friendly Paint

Most paints contain harmful fumes that have been linked to causing respiratory and other health issues. These are called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Some people who are sensitive to VOCs get headaches, dizziness and nausea, as well as eye and throat irritations after using paints high in VOCs. Benjamin Moore’s Natura has no VOCs and comes in more than 3,000 colours.

Not only is Natura low in VOC but there is little to no compromise in quality with this line of paint. Even when compared to Benjamin Moore’s highest quality line of paints, Benjamin Moore Aura and Benjamin Moore Regal, many painters have found no discrepancy in colour payoff or vibrancy, and noted that you will get the same reliable product as you would with all of the other Benjamin Moore products, minus the harmful VOCs and bothersome smell.

Wide Selection Of Products

There are a variety of Benjamin Moore paints which vary in price, finish and texture to suit your budget. This makes it easy to stay economical without sacrificing quality and reliability. Benjamin Moore’s warrantee will ensure that you are happy with whichever line of paint you choose, regardless of it’s price. As mentioned above, saving a buck or two on the paint itself will allow you to spend the extra money on other things like labour, or room accessories to match your newly painted space!

As your downtown Toronto Benjamin Moore paint store, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

When Should You Hire A Professional Painter?

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When it comes to painting the inside of a house, there are a number of tasks that an amateur DIY painter can do and there are also a number of situations where they would be better off leaving the work to a professional. Most people who are painting their home will either face painting a single room as a colour update, or will be looking at painting an entire house before they move in or out. We’ll dig a little deeper into these two tasks and discuss some of the problems that a DIY painter might face.

The Basic Room

Taking on a basic room paint job is not a difficult thing for most people. By basic room paint job, we are referring to simple job like painting the walls in a bedroom. This sort of task can be accomplished by any able-bodied person who has time and patience on their hands. Even those with the shakiest of hands can end up with acceptable results if they take the time to carefully tape off the room (using a proper high-quality painters tape, of course) and apply the paint in an even an methodical manner. Painting trim work and doors is within reach of a DIY painter, as long as they have patience, time on their hands, and do not mind the risk of a less than perfect finish.

It’s also important to note that while a DIY painter can paint a room, the time required for them to do so can be drastically different from the time it would take a professional. Most DIY painters can paint a room over a weekend, whereas a professional painting contractor might only require a couple of hours to get the same job done.

Just about anyone can pull off the basic room paintjob; if you have time, patience, and aren’t afraid of some light physical work this is the perfect job for a DIY painter.

Painting an Entire House

Painting an entire house will require significant more effort than a simple room repaint. Not only will the labour be more intensive but the planning will require more insight as well. Of course, this all depends on the size of the house. Failure to plan the entire job out properly can result in a lot of wasted money and time, two things that many people are lacking these days. Another issue with painting a house is the time required to do so, while many DIY painters could eventually get the job done, the time it takes them to complete an entire house may make taking on a job this size unrealistic.

Depending on the size of the house it could take a DIY painter weeks to finish, and without adequate job planning create a complete disaster zone and even running some of their property due to mishaps. In contrast, a skilled painting contractor can complete a house very efficiently and through their experience will know the best way to approach the job so as to minimize inconvenience to the occupants.

Painting an entire house may be out of scope of many DIY painters. You’ll need to consider access to every area that needs to be painted, specialized tools and equipment to reach these areas, and also the amount of time required to complete the paint job.

To DIY, or Not To DIY?

Whether or not you should take on a painting project will largely depend on the amount of time you have, your patience, and your physical ability. If you’re up for the task we have everything you need for a successful painting project; high-quality paint product such as Benjamin Moore paint, all the painting supplies you’ll ever need, and even friendly advice on how to get the job done.

Three Reasons To Buy High-Quality Paint

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When selecting a paint product for your project the choices can sometimes seem overwhelming, there are quite a number of products to choose from whether you are looking to paint your interior, or exterior. Making a final decision can sometimes come down to price, but there are many reasons why you may want to avoid price shopping for your paint, and opt instead to purchase a high-quality paint product.

Paint Difficult Colours Faster, With Less Coats

One aspect to consider when shopping for paint is paint colour. Deciding on a paint colour, can be for some, an arduous process involving many hours spent pouring over paint chips under various lighting conditions. At others times, some people may simply choose a colour on a whim. Regardless of how you decide your paint colour, it is always a good idea to think about paint quality if you are selecting a challenging colour.

Fact is that some paint colours are easier than others to accurately reproduce in your home. If you select a difficult colour, such as a deep red or bold yellow, and decide to buy a low-cost paint you may end up needing four or even five coats of paint before you end up with a colour that you’re satisfied with. Even then, it may not look exactly how you pictured it. If you are not sure whether your colour will be difficult, consult with the staff at your local paint store, they will have excellent insight into the difficulty of painting many colours.

The best way to avoid these sorts of problems is to select a paint product that can tackle these challenging colours in only a few coats. Benjamin Moore’s Aura is one such product, able to paint beautifully bold red colours in often as little as two coats.

Paint Once and Forget About Repainting

When purchasing lower-cost paint many people will inevitably run into the need to repaint their home. This is because economy grade paint simply does not contain the same ingredients, and is not made to last or stand up to abuse like high-quality premium paints are. As times passes the true nature of these economy grade paints begin to show, some common problems include:

  • Fading colours
  • Cracking, peeling paint
  • Inability to clean without damaging paint surface
  • Low resistance to scuff marks
  • Poor touch-up characteristics

Generally, one of the biggest problems with many paint jobs is that people have opted for highly affordable paint that does not stand up to the test of time. However, while trying to save a few dollars their choice usually results in an overall increased cost of their paint job when considering how often they may need to repaint. They’ll either have to spend the time themselves repainting, or hire professionals to complete the job for them.

A premium paint product will avoid many of these issues and will hold up well to being cleaned and provide fantastic touch-up characteristics. Purchasing quality paint products is a much better investment when considering the total cost of home painting over the lifespan of typical home ownership.

Brands Aren’t Everything

While this tip may not deal specifically with why you should buy high-quality paint, it’s worth noting that when deciding on a paint product you should be buying based upon an ideal solution for your specific situation, not based on the latest marketing gimmick.

While a paint brand may have a compelling advertisement, it’s always a good idea to ensure that you’re buying a product based on more than simply an ad you saw on television. Take a minute to speak with the staff at your local paint store. You’ll often find that you can gain some very useful insight by simply explaining what you’d like to paint to someone who has a wealth of knowledge. This is the best way to always find the ideal paint solution for your decorating project.