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Free Shipping on Farrow & Ball🎨 ONTARIO WIDE 🚚
Where Can I Get a Wallpaper Consult?

Where Can I Get a Wallpaper Consult?

What is a Wallpaper Consult? A wallpaper consult is when you have a wallpaper professional assist you in discovering what wallpaper is perfect for your specific space and individual personality. The wallpaper professional can assist with different wallpaper types (eg. vinyl for bathrooms) and help ensure you get the right amount of wallpaper, as the calculations can be quite tricky and vary per each print. At Primetime you can schedule your wallpaper consultation using any of the emails below!

If you're looking for expert advice on which wallpaper is right for you, and your project, come meet our team! We are diverse, and have unique skills that go beyond the typical wallpaper experts. We help set designers find wallpapers for some shows and movies you may watch on Netflix, High-end designers and people who simply just want to have some beautiful wallpaper in their home. We understand colours, what's in trend and how to help people find the best wallpaper for THEM! Everyone is different! We love and thrive on the uniqueness each individual brings into our store! We hope to see you soon!



Downtown Toronto: 299 Queen St E

Wallpaper experts at the Toronto Location:

Fern (Email:

Leeza (Email:

Etobicoke Location: 144 Park Lawn Rd

Wallpaper experts at the Etobicoke Location:

Alycia (Email:

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