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Everything To Know, Before Wallpapering Your Powder Room

Everything To Know, Before Wallpapering Your Powder Room

Why is the Powder Room a Good Place to Wallpaper?

The powder room is a small and contained space, meaning you can comfortably go bold, if you would like, without the room overwhelming you, or interfering with your vibe throughout the rest of your home. If bold isn’t your forte, then look at the powder room as a great place to experiment with taste! The imagination is the limit with interior design! Simple grasscloth and textured wallpapers can add beautifully to any space, including the powder room!

The powder room is not a quote on quote “necessary space”, meaning you can take breaks from your wallpaper when you want, and enjoy it when you want. Wallpapering places like your kitchen, living room, bathroom, hallway, and bedroom are a little more of a commitment, because these are all spaces in your home you need to use everyday. Here are some bold, simple and fun examples of wallpaper you can put in your powder room:

Cole & Sons 119/6028 Ardome Jabula tortoise shell printCole & Sons Leopard Walk 109/2008A street Bliss Blue Blossom Wallpaper

The Power of Peel & Stick!

Don’t be scared of commitment! Peel & stick wallpaper has you covered! If you’re worried about how long you might like a wallpaper, if you're renting, if you want to wallpaper your kids room, but know they will grow out of it in a few years, or if you like to update your taste every year or so, then peel & stick wallpaper might just be your best friend! Peel & stick wallpaper is the EASIEST wallpaper to install, the EASIEST wallpaper to remove, and the most versatile wallpaper. You can line the inside of drawers or the outside of drawers if you like! The imagination is almost the limit to peel & stick wallpaper! Why almost? Because as versatile as it is, the durability just isn’t the same as standard wallpaper. Therefore, rooms with high humidity like bathrooms and kitchens aren’t ideal for peel & stick wallpaper. But powder rooms on the other hand… That's where you can really have fun! Here are some examples of peel & stick wallpaper you can purchase for your powder room:

Primrose Premium Peel and Stick Wallpaper in powder roomPrimrose Premium Peel and Stick Wallpaper example

Cost & Budget:

Since powder rooms are typically smaller, they also shouldn’t hurt the wallet as much as larger rooms when you’re thinking of wallpapering. Wallpapers, even within “price friendly” brands can get expensive depending on how much wall space you’re thinking of doing. But, with powder rooms you can utilize the smaller space and venture into designs you like, without worrying about breaking the bank! If you’re wondering how much your wallpaper will cost you, then measure the height and width of the walls you intend to wallpaper, before you come into look at wallpapers. Wallpapers, even in the same brand and  books come in a variety of different sizes and costs per roller, which can drastically change the overall cost of your project. But, when you come in with your measurements, after you find some wallpapers of interest, we can do wallpaper calculations to give you more accurate price estimates. 

To help you with wallpapering expenses, Primetime Paint & Paper is having a 15% OFF Sale for the WHOLE Month of October on our In-stock wallpaper! (checkout our online wallpaper selection to see all our papers in-stock! PLUS get everything shipped to your home!)

Where Can I Find Wallpaper?

If you're looking for expert advice on which wallpaper is right for you, and your project, come meet our team! We are diverse, and have unique skills that go beyond the typical wallpaper experts. We help set designers find wallpapers for some shows and movies you may watch on Netflix, High-end designers and people who simply just want to have some beautiful wallpaper in their home. We understand colours, what's in trend and how to help people find the best wallpaper for THEM! Everyone is different! We love and thrive on the uniqueness each individual brings into our store! We hope to see you soon!

Primetime Paint & Paper has the BIGGEST wallpaper selection in Ontario at their 299 Queen St E location in the heart of Toronto, with seasoned wallpaper experts who can help guide you to your PERFECT wallpaper, do measurements on spot and walk through the whole ordering process! 

Primetime Paint & Paper also has another location at 144 Park Lawn Rd in Etobicoke, for those of you who would prefer to avoid the city, with equally helpful wallpaper experts who love taking the time with customers to help them find the wallpaper of their dreams. 

Toronto Benjamin Moore Paint Store | Primetime Paint & Paper

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