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Chapin Sprayers – High quality hand sprayers

Way, way back in the 1880s, Ralph E. Chapin saw something wrong with the world of kerosene lamps. Many of the products he sold in his store were poorly made and leaked, leaving people with a mess that, since most light was generated by kerosene at that time, also left them in the dark. But Mr. Chapin saw an opportunity to help, and started manufacturing his own high-quality cans that were less likely to break. And so, Chapin was born, and it became an instant success.

It wasn’t too long after that Chapin started manufacturing sprayers as well as kerosene containers. It seemed like a natural progression, but the company’s founder probably had no idea that his sprayers would become one of the most popular and innovative divisions within his company. But that’s exactly what happened and today more people are using Chapin sprayers for things as diverse as painting, gardening, and more. The sprayers are especially popular in the concrete industry, where you’ll often see the trademark red can on a concrete crew’s truck. Here’s some of the reasons why people are flocking to Chapin sprayers.


A Reputation of Durability

First and foremost, Chapin hand sprayers are known for their durability. We often hear of people using these sprayers for years and years, which actually comes as little surprise to anyone familiar with the sprayer’s components. It starts with the seals, which are all chemical resistant and able to stand up to corrosion. With tough seals in place, the Chapin hand sprayer can withstand a lot of abuse from the various chemicals that people put inside without ever sacrificing quality. Finally, there’s the TriPoxy coating on the canister itself, which also helps protect against dangerous chemicals. Overall, the sprayers are designed to keep the chemicals away from where they’ll do harm and where they’re intended.

Chapin sprayers are also known for their ease of use. The hand sprayers in particular are surprisingly lightweight yet extremely durable, all thanks to their polyethylene tanks. Each sprayer head is fixed with Chapin’s patented SureSpray™ in-tank anti-clog filter, which traps debris and stops it from interfering with the flow. This leaves you with a steady, more reliable spray for a more even job.

There are many reasons that people use Chapin products, but we think it’s their durability and ease of use more than anything else. The company started as something for people who valued high quality craftsmanship, and while less people are buying their kerosene lamp tanks these days, Chapin is still supplying people with high quality products that they can be proud to use.

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