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Old Masters Stains

Old Masters offers a wide variety of amazing products, from finishes to stains and products for wood care, but today we wanted to focus on their wood stains, which are some of the best stains available on the market. All of the company’s wood stains use only the highest quality ingredients available so that you get a product that will help your wood stay beautiful for longer. Each of Old Masters’ wood stains are designed for different situations, so whether it’s your deck or a favourite piece of furniture, there’s a stain for you. Here is the current line of wood stains available from Old Masters, and where they can be used to their maximum potential.

Old Masters Penetrating Woodstain

Old Masters Penetrating StainThe Old Masters Penetrating Woodstain penetrates deep into the wood to bring out the natural beauty of whatever you’re staining. As a traditional oil-based stain, this stain can be used for any number of wood finishing, from unfinished wood to wood that’s had its old finish stripped away. We recommend you use this stain on interior woods, and it looks best with hardwoods that have rich colour patterns, like ash, oak, mahogany, and walnut.


Old Masters Water-Based Woodstain

Water-based StainOld Masters Water-Based Woodstain is a popular choice for people who want to bring out the absolute best in their interior woods. As a water-based product, this stain is less effective at dealing with the elements, but it’s also one of the best products available for giving any wooden piece some amazing colour enhancement. We recommend using this stain on woods with deep textures, where the water-based formula can help draw out the wood’s natural beauty. Another great quality of this product is the low-odour and easy cleanup, making any staining job easier and more enjoyable.

Old Masters Wiping Stain

Old Masters Wiping StainThe Old Masters Wiping Stain is on the forefront of staining innovation, combining the classic, familiar stains with the best in recent technological leaps for a stain that goes on even. This stain works best on those woods that are classically hard to stain, like pine, poplar, maple, even plywood and veneers. The robust formula is ideal for glazing or finishing, and can often bring out the best in the wood in as little as a single application.

Old Masters Gel Stain

Finally, there’s the Old Masters Gel Stain, a highly-pigmented, oil-based stain designed to get intense colours out of any wood, inside or outside. This stain is designed specifically for nonporous surfaces, like fibreglass or composition fibres. It goes on smooth and sticks to the wood, which makes it good for even vertical surfaces. Other materials that can benefit from the gel stain include pine, birch, maple, cherry, and poplar.

As you can see, there’s an Old Masters wood stain for every job, wood, and situation you can think of. While they may have ‘old’ in their title, Old Masters is on the forefront of staining technology. So whether you’re staining your deck or trying to get the best colours out of a recently purchased piece of furniture, there’s an Old Master stain for you.

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