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Osmo Polyx-Oil Raw (2.5L)

by Osmo
SKU 3051-2.5L
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Osmo Polyx®-Oil is a highly durable Hardwax-Oil wood coating that is perfect for use on hardwood floors and furniture. Derived from natural vegetable oils and waxes, Polyx®-Oil provides excellent protection against water, dirt, beer, wine, cola, and even saliva.

Thanks to its unique combination of natural oils and waxes, this finish can be spot-repaired and renewed without requiring sanding, eliminating the need for complete refinishing. Additionally, Osmo Polyx®-Oil is microporous, ensuring that it does not crack, flake, peel, or blister over time.

Compared to traditional finishes, the use of natural vegetable oils and waxes makes it easy to apply, resulting in a hard-wearing finish that can be applied by professionals and homeowners alike.