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Osmo One Coat Only HSPlus

by Osmo
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$84.99 - $229.99
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Osmo One Coat Only HSPlus - Exterior Wood Finish

High Coverage, Time-Saving, and Weather-Resistant

Introducing the Osmo One Coat Only HSPlus, a decorative, satin protective wood finish crafted with natural oils for superior exterior wood protection. Made in Germany, this finish is designed to provide twice as much coverage with its high oil content, saving you time and money. Ideal for a variety of outdoor wood surfaces including carports, timber cladding, balconies, fences, pergolas, garden furniture, and summer houses.

Product Features

  • High Coverage: With just one thin coat, achieve optimal surface protection, covering up to 280 ft² per litre.
  • Natural Oils: Based on natural plant oils, allowing the wood to breathe and reducing swelling and shrinkage.
  • Weather-Resistant: Water-repellent and extremely weather-resistant, providing UV stability without cracking, peeling, flaking, or blistering.
  • Easy Application: Seamless and straightforward application with no sanding required for recoating.
  • Safe for All: Once dry, the finish is safe for humans, animals, and plants, and is suitable for children's toys (EN 71.3) and resistant to saliva and perspiration (DIN 53160).

Technical Data

  • Odour: Faint/mild, odourless after drying
  • Flash Point: >61°C acc. DIN EN ISO 2719

Surface Preparation and Application

Ensure the wood surface is clean, dry, and frost-free with a moisture content of max. 20%. Osmo One Coat Only HSPlus is ready to use – do not thin. Stir well before use. For old microporous stains, clean thoroughly. Completely remove old paints and lacquers. Wear a dust mask during sanding works.

Application Instructions:

  • Use Osmo Flat Brush or Microfibre Roller to apply thinly and evenly along the wood grain.
  • Allow approximately 12 hours for drying with good ventilation.

Cleaning Tools:

Clean tools with Osmo Brush Cleaner and Thinner (free of aromatic compounds).

Storage and Disposal

Store up to 5 years and longer if kept dry and tightly closed. If thickened by frost, store at room temperature for 24-36 hours before use. Dispose of leftover product and completely emptied packaging according to local guidelines.