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LePage | PL Premium Construction Adhesive Glue

by Lepage
SKU 067-1068-6
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Discover the power of LePage PL Premium Construction Adhesive Glue, your go-to solution for enduring indoor and outdoor projects. This 295-mL powerhouse offers unparalleled strength, ensuring a dependable bond for a wide range of applications, from subfloor installations to securing ceramic tiles and foam insulation. Experience the convenience of a fast-setting, weather-resistant formula that achieves a robust hold in just 30 minutes and fully cures within 24 hours, ready to withstand the elements.

Strong Bonding: 3X stronger than ordinary construction adhesives, ensuring a reliable hold for various materials.

Versatile Use: Bonds to wood, OSB, drywall, brick, concrete, masonry, stone, foam insulation, metal, ceramic, PVC, and more.

Fast-Setting: Sets in 30 minutes, fully cures in 24 hours, suitable for quick and efficient project completion.

Indoor & Outdoor: Paintable, with no strong solvent odour, ideal for both interior and exterior applications.

Weather Resistant: Waterproof, applicable to wet and frozen surfaces without shrinking, cures in cold temperatures.

Eco-Friendly: Low VOC, meets stringent state and federal environmental regulations.

Size: Available in a 295 mL tube, convenient for various project sizes.