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Redecorate On A Budget With A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Redecorate On A Budget With A Fresh Coat Of Paint

We often see renovating as a huge undertaking, that we have to coordinate new furniture with new accent pieces, floors, and wall decorating, be it wallpaper or painting. But our homes often don’t need entire makeovers. In fact, most of the work we need to do if we want a little facelift for any room in our homes is actually little more than that, a little facelift. But you can change the entire look and feel of a room for relatively cheap and completely change the feel of your entire home with a relatively simple change: paint.

Painting walls has never been easier or cheaper than it is right now. Paint is widely available in a number of colours, tints, textures, and styles to fit any number of decor ideas. So whether it’s some special waterproof vinyl paint for a bathroom that’s looking a little old fashioned or a dining room that needs some sprucing up for guests, you can start your renovation with a bucket of paint and a few paint supplies.

Gather Your Painting Supplies

But let’s start with materials. If you’re lucky, you often have everything we need to paint already lying around the house. If you kept good care of old brushes and rollers, cleaning them after your last painting project, then you really only need some painter’s tape (which you probably have in spades as well) and the paint itself. If you happen to be short, painting supplies are available in abundance.

And unlike other renovation projects, like installing new plumbing or rearranging walls, you can sometimes do the painting yourself. It can be time consuming and technical, but if you want to renovate on a budget, there’s no one cheaper than yourself. The quality of work will undoubtedly not be the same, but your own work is highly-affordable compared to the cheapest professional painter.

Scheming A Scheme

There are a few handy tricks you can use to paint something that will look great with the furniture and pieces you already have. Most pieces may seem like they fit a particular style, but many trends are emphasizing the decorating equivalent of a mash-up: taking two things that don’t seem to go together and boldly striking out a new design. This can be classic colours with modern and sleek furniture or a striking colour scheme with older-style furniture.

Just because you have a rustic-looking wooden dining table doesn’t mean everything has to have a similar rustic look. Wood in particular can look great with many different colours, each emphasizing a particular colour in the grain. So strike out and see what works with some swatches from your local paint store and see where it takes you. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised.

Affordable, Simple Solution

Painting is easily one of the cheapest and most effective ways to get a new look for any room in your home. It can spruce up a space while still matching your old furniture, saving you money on a complete overhaul without breaking the bank. And you can save even more money by doing the work yourself (however, for ideal results we do recommend you hire a professional). You’ll be surprised what a simple paint job can do for your home, and add years to your favourite furniture and accent pieces.

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