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Must Have Painting Supplies For Your Interior Project

Must Have Painting Supplies For Your Interior Project

A fresh coat of paint can do a lot for a room, and it is the type of project that almost any person can do. While it is true that just about anybody can do their own interior painting, you need to take the steps to make sure that the job is done right.

When it comes to painting the interior of a home, one of the keys to ensuring good results and keeping the job hassle-free is getting the right painting supplies. It may seem tempting to pick up cheap, low-quality paint supplies but 99% of the time you will end up regretting that when it comes time to use them. At Primetime Paint & Paper, we have helped countless homeowners find the right painting supplies for interior projects. In this article, we are going to go over some of the basic supplies that you will need, and provide a few pointers concerning what to look for.

Essential Painting Supplies

Some painting supplies are absolutely must-have items:

Paint Brush

With so many paint brushes to choose from you are likely wondering what paint brush to use. For the average DIY project, a good 2” angle sash brush will do every task you need, and we have a great selection of high-quality brushes to choose from. What makes a brush high-quality? A brush that picks up adequate paint, releases it on to the wall easily, without losing bristles. You pay a little more for a good brush but it will make the job a lot easier. Expect to pay $15 to $20 for a high-quality paint brush. If you take care of it your brush will last you for many projects and years to come.

Different brushes use different filaments. Depending on the type of paint being used, different filament combinations will provide better results. As an example, the top quality handmade Corona brushes with the Chinex filament are highly recommended for Benjamin Moore’s Aura brand of paint.

Painting Tray

A paint tray will help to reduce any sort of dripping paint that you might experience if you were painting out of the can, and it is an absolute essential for painting with rollers. Paint trays come in various sizes, but a one-gallon tray is what we recommend. It is the size professional’s use, and it will just make the job easier overall. The roller cage will fit in there easier, and it will make for a more even application of the paint.

We also recommend plastic trays over metal. If you use the right liners, a plastic tray will last forever. This way, the tray stays clean and it is always ready to use when you have another painting project. Metal trays, while slightly more durable in the right hands, if not cared for properly can rust over time.

Roller (aka Roller Cage)

Buying a good roller cage is another part of getting the best results and taking the hassle out of an interior paint project. Once again, we stress the importance of going with quality equipment. Some rollers are designed to take some of the stress out of doing the job, and the good ones are built to last. A brand like Wooster makes good rollers and a range of quality covers that can be good for any project. If you have a very large amount of wall to paint an 18″ roller might be the way to get the job done faster.

Beyond getting a quality roller, you also want to make sure to get the right roller sleeves. You have an array of different covers that are made from different materials and in different thicknesses. Getting the right one depends on the sheen of the paint being applied. If you ever need help selecting the right nap, you can always consult with our in-store experts.

Roller Extension

Some people might think that a roller extension is an unnecessary expense, but it is worth the extra cost. To start, it will make it easier to apply the paint on the higher sections of the walls. You won’t have to keep moving a ladder along with you, and this will cut down on the time and effort. In addition to that, it relieves much of the strain that painting can put on the body. Without the extension, it will put a lot more stress on your back and shoulders.

Since you are a DIYer, you don’t even need to spend money to get the best roller extension. Even a cheap one will work fine. Even if it only lasts for a few jobs, it will really pay for itself in the amount of time that you save and the amount of stress that you take off your body.

Other Painting Supplies for Your List

Getting the supplies for applying the paint is important, but there is more to the job than that. Here we have a quick look at some of the other things you will need for you home painting project.

Drop Cloth

Some drop cloths will be a necessity. You are going to need them for protecting the floors, and there may be some furniture that you cannot move. You can buy canvas or plastic drop cloths. The most important thing here is that they are big enough to cover the areas and items that need protecting. Along with the drop cloths, you should also carry some rags with you when paint. That way you can quickly clean up any spills for runs.

Painting Clothes

For painting clothes, you could just go with some old clothes that you do not mind getting paint on. That said, there is an advantage to buying genuine painter’s pants or shorts which typically are white. They have the special loops and pockets that will make it easier to carry all of the supplies and equipment. Dickie’s painting clothing is a common brand but there are other very reputable brands as well.

Spackle and a Sanding Sponge

You’ll also need a little quick dry spackle for filling in little dents and holes. Once the spackle dries, you will also need a sanding sponge to finish the work. We carry products like Dap’s Dryex and Red Devil One Time spackle, plus we have sanding sponges from 3M and Sia Abrasives. If you need help deciding, our pros will be there to help you make the right choice.

Painter’s Tape

You should get some good quality painter’s tape to ensure those clean lines. Use it to prevent paint from running into areas that are not being painted, and it is good for protecting things like switches and electrical outlets.

For all of the painting supplies in Toronto you could ever need come visit our store, we have a wide assortment of paint supplies from top brands, and our staff of experts is always there to provide advice when you need it.

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