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IdeaPaint CREATE, A Custom Whiteboard Paint Solution

IdeaPaint CREATE, A Custom Whiteboard Paint Solution

We no longer carry this product in store; we recommend Notable, a new Benjamin Moore whiteboard product, contact us for details.

White is the new black, at least when it comes to specialized custom solutions for writing on your walls (or other innovative surfaces).

Chalkboard paint has been around for quite a long time now, allowing anyone to paint a blackboard wherever, and whenever they please. But let’s face it, chalk is messy and stinky. Having to deal with a dusty, dirty box of stubby chalk pieces is not pleasant or effective and certainly not welcome in many office environments; this one significant reason why the famous dry erase whiteboard has been met with open arms by business professionals.

The ease of planning, brainstorming, and conveying information is night-and-day on a dry erase surface when compared with its traditional and antiquated cousin, the blackboard. Why is this? It’s not that whiteboards simply had better marketing, or were adopted by famous celebrities – whiteboards have become the new standard for good reasons: they’re clean, sanitary, and quite frankly easy to work with. Storing writing materials is not a messy (and unsightly) ordeal and the surface can be erased to its former glory without creating choking dust clouds.

It’s no surprise then that manufacturing companies have set about creating new and creative implementations for dry erase boards. One of these creations is dry erase paint. In fact, whiteboard paint is nothing new but lately there have been some very interesting developments in this area; a relatively new product, IdeaPaint CREATE, is aiming to takeover this market and with good reason.

Progress, Meet Innovation

Featuring a low-VOC, low-odour formula IdeaPaint CREATE is a whiteboard dry erase paint product that people can love; low-VOC and low-odour means no need to clear out the office to paint that new whiteboard to escape stinky and nauseating paint fumes. This is quite an achievement indeed. However, there are still many people who question the usefulness of whiteboard paint. After all, why bother using this product at all when you can simply run to your local office supply store out and buy a whiteboard to take care of your needs.

First, there are some people who’ve faced this question before, opting instead for the freedom of collaboration that a custom painted whiteboard allows. Who are these people? Oh, just top players from organizations like Reebok, The North Face, Hubspot, Welch’s, and Berklee College of Music; people who firmly understand that achieving results requires an appropriate and effective solution.

These are people who have opted, instead of buying custom built traditional (and very expensive) whiteboard solutions, to choose an affordable and customized painted whiteboard option. These solutions aid them in their day-to-day operations by allowing them to collaborate with their colleagues and clients in innovative and novel ways.

Second, we address a topic already mentioned, cost. Many people who investigate whiteboard paint for their office are looking for a specialized dry erase solution. This means either a large-scale solution, or a highly specialized and custom solution. Purchasing and installing a solution of this sort can make those with even the largest budget’s cringe.

Choosing dry erase paint is an affordable alternative to expensive bespoke crafted whiteboards, and can be easily installed by professional painters providing little disruption to daily business and office on-goings thanks to IdeaPaint’s special low-VOC and low-odour formula.

Third, this one is the kicker – a custom painted dry erase board does not even need to be white. IdeaPaint has developed three separate colour options for their CREATE product line. White, black, and clear – yes, this means you can have a black whiteboard! A clear dry erase top-coat can allow for particularly creative solutions; imagine large scale wall calendars, massive task lists, or other permanently organized information structures.

You simply paint the graphic design you want on the surface, and cover with a top-coat of clear dry erase paint.

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