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3 Reasons To Choose Benjamin Moore For Your Next Paint Project

3 Reasons To Choose Benjamin Moore For Your Next Paint Project

Benjamin Moore is a popular paint manufacturer that many people have relied on since 1833. Although pricier than some brands, paying the extra dollar for a good quality paint is often well worth it. Here are three reasons to better inform you as to why you should buy Benjamin Moore paint.

Save You Time & Money

The trouble with a lot of the lower priced paints is it often takes more coats of paint to do the job. This is results in it being less economical in three major ways, what are some of the consequences of painting with inferior paint?

  • The first is that it will cost you more in labour. If you are hiring external help to paint your home, it is going to take the painters longer to do the job, thus costing you more.
  • Secondly, you will need more product. The more paint it takes to colour one opaque coat, the more product you will use. You may need to buy an extra gallon or two to get the desired colour intensity payoff with a cheaper paint. Many Benjamin Moore paints cover well enough to require only two coats (even traditionally difficult colours), so you will save you time and money as well.
  • Lastly, the vibrancy of the paint won’t last as long. Cheaper paint will chip, however Benjamin Moore paints utilized special, high-tech pigmentation technology producing long-lasting colour that doesn’t fade in addition to being very durable.

Eco Friendly Paint

Most paints contain harmful fumes that have been linked to causing respiratory and other health issues. These are called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Some people who are sensitive to VOCs get headaches, dizziness and nausea, as well as eye and throat irritations after using paints high in VOCs. Benjamin Moore’s Natura has no VOCs and comes in more than 3,000 colours.

Not only is Natura low in VOC but there is little to no compromise in quality with this line of paint. Even when compared to Benjamin Moore’s highest quality line of paints, Benjamin Moore Aura and Benjamin Moore Regal, many painters have found no discrepancy in colour payoff or vibrancy, and noted that you will get the same reliable product as you would with all of the other Benjamin Moore products, minus the harmful VOCs and bothersome smell.

Wide Selection Of Products

There are a variety of Benjamin Moore paints which vary in price, finish and texture to suit your budget. This makes it easy to stay economical without sacrificing quality and reliability. Benjamin Moore’s warrantee will ensure that you are happy with whichever line of paint you choose, regardless of it’s price. As mentioned above, saving a buck or two on the paint itself will allow you to spend the extra money on other things like labour, or room accessories to match your newly painted space!

As your downtown Toronto Benjamin Moore paint store, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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