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There are plenty of paint supply companies out there and each have their benefits and drawbacks. That is, except for one. Richard has been in the business a long time, and with each innovative product they release, the world of professional and amateur painting has been revolutionized. If there’s a leader in paint supply technology, it’s Richard.

Founded way back in 1885 by brothers Alfred and Jean-Baptiste Richard, this paint company is in its third generation of family-run operations. With each incarnation of Richard Paint Supplies, there has been at least one constant, and that’s delivering quality and innovative products to amateur and professional painters alike.


Take, for example, the Fat-Boy series of painting products that are designed with contractors in mind. Every piece in the Fat-Boy series is designed to help contractors quicken up their work and reduce labour costs by saving you time. The Fat-Boy trays are an excellent example of how Richard makes this possible. There’s two varieties, a carrying tray and a traditional paint tray. For the carrying tray, the sturdy construction lets you easily move a lot of materials around your jobsite, saving you from making multiple trips when one could suffice. The paint tray is designed to hold a lot of paint, we mean a lot, so that you can keep painting without needing to resupply.

Richard carries a full line of painting supplies that you’re sure to fall in love with. Ranging from heavy-duty rollers to gloves, scrape razors and more, there is literally no painting job that couldn’t benefit from these innovative tools. But don’t take our word for it: next time you have a paint job, big or small, invest in some Richard products. We bet you’ll never go back!

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