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The Radius 360° is a revolutionary sanding tool that has transformed how both professionals and DIYers complete their projects. The unique shape and design of the Radius 360 allows for a full range of motion, side-to-side, and up and down.

The unique construction of the Radius 360 stops flipping, a common problem with standard pole sanders, and a side bumper eliminates the potential for damaging adjacent surfaces whilst sanding. The ability to quickly change directions while sanding, without the need to re-position the sander, greatly reduces the amount of time and effort. Detachable foam discs form flush with the wall and provide an even, smooth finish and wears the sanding pad uniformly, increasing the lifespan of the sanding disc. Hook-and-loop backing making changing the foam pad and sanding disc a simple task and also eliminate the problem of debris getting behind the sanding paper, and sagging.

Sanding with the Radius 360 is up to three times faster when compared with a conventional pole sander.


  • No flipping, skipping, or scratching. Movement is flawless with round shape.
  • 90% larger than standard rectangle pole sander, making it the largest surface area sander on the market.
  • Oval adapter makes quick and easy change from pole sanding to hand sanding with the Pro Handle Adapter.
  • Round pliable .50″ hook & loop pad forms perfectly to the contours of curved surfaces such as barrel vaults, arches, domes and uneven walls.
  • Up to 3 times faster than a conventional sand pole, with better results.
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