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Picasso Brush by Proform Technologies

Proform Technologies has been in the painting business for awhile, and their name has long been associated with quality products that are both easy to use and sturdily constructed. And perhaps no product in their line exemplifies these qualities more than their Picasso line of paint brushes. Named after that famous Spanish Cubist painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso, the Picasso paint brush line hopes to give you the tools you need for complete mastery over your craft.

Proforms Proprietary Filament

Each Picasso brush has some similar technological innovations that make painting easier while giving you a brush that will last you for a very long time. They each start with a proprietary filament blend that’s specially designed to increase application speeds while reducing cleaning times. That means you’re saving time on the painting and the cleanup. The hardline no-drip interior construction and design is also specially made to reduce drips, giving you an even, professional grade brush that keeps every wall looking perfect. The design also connects the handle directly to the ferrule, which gives this brush a solid construction that will never get loose, and eliminates any space where paint, cleaners, and water can get into the brush and permanently damage your brush.


A Brush For Each Task

The Picasso Brushes come in a number of different forms, each designed to help with specific tasks. Each is designed with all the above mentioned special innovations, but the specific models are best suited for certain projects. The Oval Angle Sash Paint Brush, for example, is designed to carry a lot of paint while still giving you a solid and quality cut. And the affectionately-named “Bull” is a short and stocky brush that’s specially designed for tight spaces. No matter what kind of brush you need, you’ll be sure to find the right one with the Proform Technologies Picasso brush series.

You’ll Love It, Too

And it’s not just us who absolutely love these brushes, both amateur painters and contractors alike have been raving about Proform Technologies brushes for over a decade. It’s not uncommon, in fact, for people to still use their original Picasso brush from over 15 years ago, they’re that well-made!

So whether you’re painting the next piece to take the art world by storm, or just need something that can get into that tricky corner, the Picasso brush series has something for you. All made with the best materials possible, Proform Technologies puts the power of the brush into the hands of the people. So go ahead and start your own painting revolution.

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