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In the world of knives and cutting edges, there’s a lot of lackluster products. It’s not exactly a question of technology, it’s actually the opposite: many companies can get the right tools to create workable knives, but that doesn’t mean high quality products. After all, there’s more to a knife than the machines making the blades.

That’s where OLFA makes the difference. Unlike other knife companies, OLFA stays on point, combining world-class products with the resources of a large company. The end result is high-quality, precision-cut blades that you can trust to get the job done. After all, there’s nothing worse than going for that precision cut, only to have your blade snap or go dull, ruining your hard work.

Professional Grade Blades

OLFA believes in the power of the DIY, that many construction and renovation jobs can be done by confident people so long as they have the right tools. That’s why they focus on getting the right tools into the right hands. Blades that will work, stay sharp, and make your next DIY project the best it can possibly be.

The mainstay of the OLFA line is their snap-off blades for your utility knife, it’s where they define themselves against the competition. Made with quality materials by a company that knows what they’re doing, an OLFA blade is known by hobbyists, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts as a blade that will stay sharp and last.

Olfa Logo

Types of OLFA Blades

OLFA blades come in two types organized by colour. The silver is the standard blade, organized into conviently sized snap-off pieces for when you need a new blade. The ultrasharp black blade is a long-time favourite for people in the painting world. It’s clean and extremely sharp edge can cut with incomparable precision. We personally recommend the black blade for any painting related cutting you may need.

One top of their blades, OLFA also carries a full line of utility knife cases that will comfortably and safely house your OLFA snap-off blades. With a contoured shape and sturdy design, you’ll be using any OLFA-made utility knives for years to come.

So if you’re on the market for a quality utility knife, one that will outlast the competition and stay sharp for when you need it most, consider an OLFA blade. They may cost a little more than the competition, but their toughness and quality construction mean these blades will last longer.


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