3 Reasons to Shop at Your Local Benjamin Moore Store

Walk into your local Toronto Benjamin Moore paint store and you will instantly notice a few things. First, the bright and clean space will be filled with all sorts of great painting accessories, from brushes to gadgets you’ve probably never heard of! The friendly staff will also be on hand, professionally doling out advice, tips, and smiles in equal measure. Of course, the best part of any Benjamin Moore paint store is, well, the Benjamin Moore paint. Any store employee will tell you about the great benefits of choosing Benjamin Moore paint for your next renovation job, but here are 3 reasons you’ll absolutely love stepping into your local paint store:

Expert Advice

A Benjamin Moore paint store employee knows more about painting than the teenager sitting behind the desk at your regular paint department. These staff are dedicated to helping you make the best painting choices possible. When you walk into a Benjamin Moore paint store, come with your most difficult questions, these staff members will be able to give you quality advice so your next painting project looks better and lasts longer. And if you need a second opinion on colours or tints, a paint store employee can help you weigh the benefits for the best choice for you. From application tips to the right type of paint, painting experts will have answers for any of your questions.

Quality Products

Benjamin Moore paint has proven time and again to be the best paint you can find on the shelves. Its high quality materials, combined with the latest in paint technology, means you are getting paint that is unparalleled in quality. And with so many options, from exterior paints to the latest in eco-friendly options, not to mention the latest and greatest colours and tints, Benjamin Moore paints will bring that extra something to your next project. Don’t be satisfied with cheaper substitutes, Benjamin Moore paint will do a better job for less. Which brings us to our third reason to go to your local paint store:


Armed with the advice of paint store professionals and the best paint on the market, a single trip to your local Benjamin Moore paint store has already armed you with some savings. You will already have some application tips to save time and access to the best time-saving accessories for those hard-to-reach-places, but the paint itself will also save you money. Because of Benjamin Moore quality paints, you will need less coats to get the right look and colour. That means less paint overall and more money still in your wallet.

Your local paint store is a great place to stop in when you have any new painting project. You’ll find friendly staff and quality products that’ll save you time and money, and make the painting experience better overall. Plus, with Benjamin Moore paint, you can take comfort in the fact your paint will last longer in the colour you want.

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How to Choose the Right Paint Roller

paint roller on wall

As with brushes, there are a lot of different paint rollers out there. Picking the right roller for your job will not only make the work a lot easier, but will provide a better and more professional looking finish. Rollers come in many different sizes. Small “weenie rollers” or “slim jims” are good for those tight spaces where another roller won’t fit but you shouldn’t try to paint a whole wall with them. Larger 14 and 18-inch rollers work well when you have a lot of area to cover. Mostly though, a 9-inch roller is what will be used for the brunt of the painting work.

Choosing the Proper Cover & Nap

Roller covers can be natural or synthetic, like brush bristles. As with brush bristles, you want to use synthetic covers for latex paints, while natural covers work well for oil-based paints. The reason is that natural naps will soak up acrylic, and won’t spread it as well onto the surface.

Another feature of the cover is the “nap” or the thickness of the covering. The nap length that you should use is dependent on the surface that you are painting. Longer naps let you paint over rough surfaces more evenly and smoothly, allowing you to get into the all the “craters and valleys” of the surface.

Better covers are moisture-resistant and solvent-resistant. This means that they will have better coverage and last a lot longer. Cheaper covers can fall apart or leave lint on the surface that you are painting resulting in a rough and unsightly finish, this is why it’s best to simply avoid these throw away rollers.

Shorter naps are better for smooth walls. Try a 1/4-inch nap if you are painting fine, smooth surfaces, like a new wall or a door. 3/8-1/2-inch naps are good for walls with a bit of texture, like plaster or concrete. For the really rough surfaces, a 3/4-inch nap is recommended.

In addition to nap length, the nap density, or “pile” can also have an effect on your work. High-density naps can hold more paint, and reduce splatter. The best type of covering when talking in terms of high density, long length is usually lamb wool or sheepskin. For smooth walls, go with micro fiber naps.

Another choice you will have to make is the internal material of the roller cover. You’ll find rollers with cardboard and some with plastic. The cardboard rollers are not recommended, as they cannot be cleaned. Plastic is the preferred material; they are reusable and can be easily cleaned.

Try to avoid foam covers unless you know what you are getting into. They don’t work well with most surfaces, causing lots of air bubbles to foam under the paint. These will leave your finish looking bad and reduce the life of your paint job. There are however some new foam rollers specifically made for gloss type finishes which, in the right hands, produce flawless finishes.

Caring For Your Tools

If you get a good cover or cage, make sure to save it. Wash it out as soon as you are done painting with it. In fact, you should rinse it out a few times during painting to make sure that no paint is drying onto the roller. Spend the extra amount to get good equipment, and you won’t have to make constant trips back to the store when your cheap roller falls apart or stops absorbing.

You should also purchase an extension for the roller, to get those high up spots. This will reduce time in moving ladders around, as well as climbing up and down ladders to get more paint. There are a variety of extension poles available from telescoping poles to simple wooden poles.

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