Unique Wallpaper Design Ideas For Your Home

wallpaper design ideas

It would be wrong to say that wallpaper is back because wallpaper has never really gone out of style. But wallpaper has evolved, and that’s given many people even more opportunity to get creative with its use. We’ve seen a lot of great wallpaper uses in homes around the world, many of which create something that’s truly unique and beautiful. Here are three innovative ways you can put wallpaper to use in your next decorating project.

Custom Mosaic Wallpaper

A mosaic is an art style that uses thousands of tiny tiles to create large and intricate patterns. Up close, the tiles are just flecks of colour, but together, they create something that’s much more beautiful and amazing. When it comes to wallpaper, this same effect can be created using the many different styles, textures, and colours that are available in wallpaper. Think about it: by cutting up intricate patterns of wallpaper, you can splice them together in a room for something wholly different while it still having a unifying theme. Ideas include using wallpaper of maps with old style globes for an office or even kid’s bedroom that ties all together. This idea could save you some money as well, using scraps of wallpaper to make something new rather than just buying a whole new roll for a new project.

Bring Mirrors in for Texture

While you can buy wallpaper in all manner of textures, including the soft threads of grasscloth wallpaper or the bumpy imperfection of textured paper, mirrors offer this in a whole different way. With the use of some differently-shaped mirrors, the wallpaper is reflected to give a unique texture to the walls while giving you a place to check yourself before heading out. This idea is particularly popular in bathrooms, where mirrors are commonplace and absolutely necessary. It can add some depth to otherwise flat styles and still maintain a visual cohesion.

Asian Inspired Room Flair

Asian-inspired rooms traditionally leave the walls fairly plain, relying on intricate and beautiful decorative pieces elsewhere to give the room texture and style. But this doesn’t have to be the case. With some well-placed wallpaper, maybe just the top half of the walls, you can add to the style without making the whole room feel too busy It can maintain that exotic look that you love, even push it a little further, and give you something that people will remember and love.

Wallpaper has exploded in the past few years because of the many different ways that people can use it, and the many different materials that are used. Vinyl wallpaper is simply no longer the only option available, and the breadth of wallpaper designs and colours means that the possibilities are simply endless. So whether you want a new spin on an old favourite, or a new look that no one has ever done before wallpaper is the way to do it. And a visit to your local wallpaper store is the first step to discover the right look for your home.

Three Big Reasons You’ll Love Wallpaper In Any Room

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Wallpaper is one of the best choices for renovations. Not only is it beautiful, coming in a variety of colours and textures, but it can also save you money. Here’s three reasons wallpaper will shine in your next home renovation.

1. Fun Patterns and Textures
Yes, paint comes in a seemingly endless amount of colours, shades, and textures, but none can measure up to the ease and diversity of wallpaper. In general, paint comes in only a few different materials, and all of them have similar properties, so getting something beyond the colour can be extremely difficult and time consuming. But wallpaper comes in almost as many materials as it does patterns and shades, so you can add texture to a room that paint simply cannot, like the soft weave of grass wallpaper, or the shiny durability of vinyl. And on top of the texture, wallpaper can give you consistent patterns that are already done, so you can have something beautiful and unique without needing an arts degree.

2. Easy Installation
Getting great looking walls is never easier than with wallpaper, which can go up in a fraction of the time it takes to paint a room, and often for a lot less money. Think about it: proper paint jobs require all sorts of materials: brushes, rollers, tape, containers, not to mention the paint itself. When you gather all of that together (inevitably more than you actually need), it becomes both time consuming and expensive. But with wallpaper, all you need is some rollers, glue, and the wallpaper. No need for multiple coats. No time wasted cleaning brushes to be stored for later. And that means you’ll have a whole new look for your home in a surprisingly little amount of time.

3. Built to Last
One aspect of wallpaper people rarely think about is its staying power. Unlike paint, which can chip, alligator, fall apart, and otherwise look awful in a short amount of time, correctly installed wallpaper can last for years and years, and take a beating along the way. Certain wallpaper materials are especially great for homes with kids or a lot of activity, since it’s so durable and resistant to tears or damage. Others are particularly suited for certain climates, and will last longer than paint simply because they can resist moisture or dryness. So if you want something that looks great and will last longer than a simple paint job, wallpaper is your best option.

To say wallpaper is making a comeback is a bit of a misnomer because it never really left the scene. For centuries, people have seen what wallpaper can do for a room, and the variety of textures, patterns, and shades have only increased as time goes on. But on top of truly unique looks, wallpaper goes up in a flash, letting you completely change a room’s look with less effort than paint. And it could last longer as well, which is good for your home, and your wallet. So before you choose a paint, why not look at the world of wallpaper for your next renovation? You could get something no one else has, and help your decor truly stand out.

3 Attractive And Trendy Kids Wallpaper Ideas

Most people think of kids’ bedrooms as a place of function more than fashion. The kids get an environment that makes them feel safe and happy, no matter the cost, and you get a room that you can easily close the door on when visitors come around. But this isn’t really the case. Kids’ bedroom decor has only exploded in the past few years, with novelty wallpapers and artisan designers creating entire lines of furniture and wallpaper specifically for kids. With the right combination of colours, patterns, and trendy furniture, your kids’ bedroom can be a fashionable statement all on its own. Here’s some wallpaper ideas that can form the central theme of your kids’ rooms.

The first trend is strong, geometric shapes which can actually blend well with cool floor designs. Think strong square patterns that aren’t too big to seem overly busy but give a distinctive feel. Then, you can do some hardwood flooring that uses different shades for a cool looking room any kid will want to play in. Plus, hardwood is always a good idea for kids rooms. It may be noisier, but it’s substantially easier to clean up in case of a spill or accident. Combine these types of wallpaper with bold but consistently coloured furniture so the room doesn’t feel over-stimulated, something no parent who wants to keep their sanity should do for kids’ decor. The same idea can also be done with circles, complete with circular rugs and mats for a cohesive style.

Next is themed wallpaper, which isn’t novelty wallpaper but a pattern or design that you can add to for a cohesive feel. Many parents like to start with something easy, like wallpaper of trees, and give the room a natural feel. If your kid loves nature, or has a ton of stuffed animals or natural looking toys, this can be a great decision. You can keep the stuffed animals on shelves directly on the wall, which can give the whole room a Where the Wild Things Are feel. It also works with a combination of toy airplanes and soldiers, if your child is a young history buff.

Finally there’s the novelty wallpaper, which combines your kids’ favourite hobbies and activities with a strong decor sense. Many parents are using strongly coloured squares for a pixelated feel for the room, coupled with straight-angled furniture that makes the room feel a bit like a video game. Some choice carpets that are uniquely shaped but also rely on a series of squares can complete the look without going overboard. Other patterns remain classics: racetracks or clouds are timeless for any kids.

Wallpaper is a great way to make bold decisions in your home’s decor without going overboard. Now you can be proud of your kids’ room without feeling like it’s all function and no fun.

Why Bother Buying Wallpaper At Your Local Retailer?

We can buy wallpaper pretty much anywhere these days, the internet, big box retailers, and local stores are just a few places, but one of these options let you see the paper in person and can give you expert advice on installing and maintaining your wallpaper. There are so many advantages to choosing a local store over the internet or big box stores, reasons that can save you time, money, and needless stress when you’re beautifying your home.

Your Monitor Is Not A Wallpaper Sample

The internet is a great place to look at wallpaper, but it’s hard to hold your computer monitor up to your wall and consider it’s look, especially if your brightness setting is a little low. The fact is wallpaper needs to be seen in real life and in the right context. That’s where a local retailer can give you a firsthand glimpse at how your wallpaper selections may look in your home. And if you go to a wallpaper store and you’re still unsure, ask for a small sample to take home. Your computer monitor is good for movies, but wallpaper needs to be seen in real life to get a proper idea of how it will look.

Big Box or Local Store, Who Do You Trust?

Big box retailers may seem like a great place to go for wallpaper, but there’s a few problems with choosing these massive stores over a more focused and local retailer. First, local stores staff people who love interior decorating, painting, and wallpaper, not a teenager who needs money to go to the movies with their friends. So you’re more likely to get great advice and professional, quality service at a local wallpaper store. These people know what they’re talking about and can help you find the perfect wallpaper for your needs. Plus, they can hook you up with a professional wallpapering contractor, so they can do all the work and you can get that paper into your home faster and with less stress.

The True Cost Of Saving A Few Bucks

But many people argue that it all comes down to price, that a local store costs a little more than an online retailer or big box store and they can’t justify spending the extra money. This is, by and large, an assumption rather than a claim made on research. Yes, local stores can cost more, but they have sales and competitive pricing on many products, and no online store or giant retail chain can match the advice and service you’ll get at a local store. Plus, with their connections to local installers, decorators, and more, you can get discounts and deals on every step of the process, from picking out your decor choices to having it professional put up in no time at all.

Wallpaper stores are one of the best resources people can go to for their decorating needs. Combining the benefits of the internet and big chain stores with that local care, attention, and knowledge, a local paint & wallpaper store will save you time, money, and a whole bunch of stress.

3 Fabulous Reasons to Choose Wallpaper Over Paint

wallpaper in modern living room

While our provocative title might have you believe we stand for wallpaper over paint, this is not the case (sorry to disappoint), but there are some very intriguing reasons you may want to select wallpaper instead of paint for your project, so read on!

Wallpaper, once relegated to children’s bedrooms and tacky living rooms, has been making a steady comeback in the last decade. But what makes wallpaper better than paint? Today, we decided to fill you on a few reasons you may decide to choose wallpaper for your next interior decorating project.

More Dynamic Design Choices

Wallpaper designs have come a long way from the glam vinyl of the seventies and your kids’ bedrooms. Nowadays, new technologies means the options are literally endless for the patterns and prints.

Designers are falling in love with wallpaper because that they can match patterns in the decorating just as much with the walls. Patterns and prints can range from playful to classic, meaning wallpaper can completely change a room’s mood in any way you choose. And with the different materials, wallpaper can either make a statement or enhance what everything else is doing.

And anyone who’s decided to paint a wall can tell you that, no matter how hard putting paint on the walls is, putting it on the roof is even worse. Luckily, the ease that wallpaper goes up, your room’s ‘fifth wall’ is another place to get a unique look for your rooms.

Textures Paint Just Can’t Get

To make a room look truly unique with paint, to give it that special cozy look that requires more than just flat paint, people have to use some extreme methods. ‘Strategic’ chipping, strange textured products, and special tools are all required to do what wallpaper does naturally.

From new vinyl styles to the great comeback of grasscloth, wallpaper comes in almost as many textures as it does patterns.

It’s Just Plain Easier

Rollers, brushes, tape, primer, multiple coats, patching, sanding, priming and all that other stuff. Most rooms in the process of getting a fresh coat of paint look the same, cluttered and unliveable.

But wallpaper goes up quicker and with less hassle that paint and that means your room will look great in less time. Wallpaper is also easier to make even. Where painting usually requires multiple coats that can look inconsistent without near-obsessive levels of care, wallpaper just needs to be lined up and hung. No fuss, little mess, and a great looking room without the cleanup.

Another great benefit is that wallpaper covers up your wall’s minor blemishes as well, which will cut down the time and effort needed to prep surfaces before painting.

So the next time you are in your favourite paint store, take a moment to look at our wallpaper suggestions. You’ll find inspiration and beauty easily, sure to get your creative side running overtime with all the available patterns, prints, and textures. Combine those with the ease of hanging and wallpaper may just be your next best decision you ever made.