How To Find The Perfect Benjamin Moore Paint Colour

painted living room as seen in the Benjamin Moore paint colour application

Benjamin Moore paint is highly sought after due to it’s unparalleled colour performance, durability, and ease of use. Whether you are painting a single room or the entire home, finding the right Benjamin Moore paint colour is important. Once you apply a new colour to walls, it is something that you are going to have to live with for a long time, and it can significantly impact the way that a room feels.

It’s a big decision, and many homeowners struggle with the process of picking the right paint colour. This is why there are colour consultants. Some people are so worried about getting it wrong that they decide to pay a professional to help them with the selection. But hiring a colour consultant is not for everyone.

If you need help finding the right paint colour for your home, the paint colour web app from Benjamin Moore could be a helpful resource. With this web app, you have an online program that can help walk you through the process of finding the perfect paint for your next project. It’s easy to use, and it puts the knowledge of Benjamin Moore paint experts right at your fingertips.

Read on to learn more about the Benjamin Moore paint colour app, and how it can help any person to pick the right paints for their home.


Colour Family

benjamin moore paint colour selection by colour family

When you use the Benjamin Moore colour app, you can choose to start your search for the perfect colour by selecting a colour. You can start with families like yellows, reds, blacks, greys, purples, blues, neutral colours and more.

Once you have selected a colour family, the app brings you to the spectrum for that colour. On the scale, you will have a multitude of colour choices in the family, and you can move to different places in the spectrum by clicking on the part that you want to view. You can then click on different colours, and the app will reveal the colour name, and it will show recommended accent colours.

After you have a main colour that you like, you can choose the “colour detail” option to see other options for colours that will complement it, or you can select “see in room” to view a simulation of what the colour will look like in room.

The “see in room” feature is nice because it gives you an idea of what the colour will look like in your home, and you can always go back and start out with new colours. We’ll take a closer look at this feature in the section for this option.


Colour Collections

benjamin moore paint colour selecting by colour collection

With the Benjamin Moore colour collections, you have colours that are grouped together based on different factors. Some of the collections are assembled based on the fact that they work well together, and others might fit together because they are well suited for different design and style ideas.

As an example, you have a collection for the colour trends of 2017. These are colours picked by the experts at Benjamin Moore as their favourites or as the colours that they think will be the most influential in this year. In addition to that, you have colour collections like Benjamin Moore Classics, Historical Colours, the Off White Collection, the Affinity Collection, Colour Stories and Designer Classics.

With this option, the web app lets you pick a colour collection. Once you know the collection that you want to use, a colour spectrum with the entire collection will come up. You can move up and down the spectrum in the same way that you would with the colour families, and you can select specific colours to see the name and the accents that will best complement the colour that you selected.

On the colour spectrum, the user has a good opportunity to move up and down the collection, taking a closer look at the entire range. When you find a paint colour that you are interested in, you can then choose the option for “colour detail” or “view in room”.


Colour a Room

benjamin moore paint colour selection made by colour a room

With the “colour a room” option, you can jump directly to picking paint colours for a specific room in the home. This is the same feature as the “view in room” feature from the sections about selecting a colour by family and selecting a colour by collection. The main difference is that with this option, you are starting out with the room first, instead of picking the colour before you put it in the room.

When you choose to go straight to colouring the room, you can start with options for living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, offices, kitchen, front door and exteriors. With each category, you will have a few sample pictures that you can select, and the idea is to pick a picture that is similar to the space that you are going to be working in.

After you pick a picture, it will show you what the room looks like with the colours. It will have the main colour used on the walls, and then it will also have options for colouring the ceiling and different accents in the room. You also have a menu on the page where you can make changes to the accent colours that are selected and to the shading of different colours in the room.


Search All

searching for a colour using the benjamin moore paint colour app

As a final option, you can also search for specific colours. If you already know the name of the colour that you want, you can type it into the search bar, and it will bring you directly to the colour. In this way, you could also search by groupings.

As an example, you could type the word “tulip” into the search bar. After you hit enter, two options will come up: red tulip and spring tulips. Each will have an onscreen sample, and you can pick one if you like it. You could also type in something like “blue” to get all of the blues, but if you want a blue, you are much better off going to the specific colour family.

By using the Benjamin Moore paint colour app, you can take the hassle and the worry out of picking paint colours for your home. You can work through the process quickly, and test out a wide range of colour combinations. After you find the right colours for your home, it’s as simple as contacting the nearest Benjamin Moore authorized retailer.


Finding the Perfect Benjamin Moore Paint Colour

Exploring Benjamin Moore paint colours can be daunting, but with a little assistance you’ll find there are a myriad of options available. If you’re overwhelmed with the choice you can always visit our store and speak to one of our experts who will help guide you.

2015 Paint Colour Trends You Need To Know About

2015 is already under full swing, which can be hard to believe. But with a new year comes new trends, new technologies, and new ways to turn heads with your choices in decor and colours. We’re already seeing some exciting new ways to paint your home, ways that call back to old-school sensibilities while paving the way for new and different trends that will surely be popping up as the year goes on. Here are some of our favourite trends this year, straight from the professionals dedicated to pushing home design in great new directions.

The first colour trend we’ve noticed is actually fairly basic at first glance, but have a new level of complexity. Many designers are calling the colour scheme “nuanced neutrals,” greys, blacks, and whites that have a little more depth than we usually find in these safe colour choices. Neutral are always a safe bet and long lasting. They can go with most furniture and let you replace pieces around it without losing cohesion. These new neutral colours add to the depth of your rooms, however, with textures and bold decisions that blend function and fashion. Look for clay blues and warm wine colours that offer something that;s at once laid back but draws attention.

Another trend we’re seeing pop up is much bolder: accent walls. With most walls in a room using one of the new neutrals, you can add some pop and flavour with a bold wall of a completely different colour. Think bright colours for accent walls, like blues or reds that immediately draw attention to themselves. Coupled with some clever furniture choices, such as painted chair legs that compliment your wall, and you’ll have a room that absolutely everyone will notice, and try in vain to copy.

But perhaps our favourite trend that’s already getting a lot of attention and acclaim this year is pastels. They’re swiftly moving out of nurseries and kids’ bedrooms and into other parts of the home. Look for grown up pastel colours for your bathrooms especially, which can add a level of elegance to rooms we usually paint with very functional colours. Doing so will make people want to simply hang out there since the warm, inviting soft pinks and yellows will feel comfortable and inviting. It’s a strange phenomenon, but we’re already seeing it happen!

These are just three ideas for new colours that you will find popping up all over this coming year, so if you’re on the market for some new colour choices, be sure to check out these colour ideas. With a combination of complex neutrals and bold accent walls, any room in your home will draw attention. And a clever and restrained use of pastels can make any room the place everyone wants to hang out. Be sure to keep an eye on any trends you see popping up this year, as 2015 is sure to be an exciting year for bold, new directions for painting colours.