Unique Wallpaper Design Ideas For Your Home

wallpaper design ideas

It would be wrong to say that wallpaper is back because wallpaper has never really gone out of style. But wallpaper has evolved, and that’s given many people even more opportunity to get creative with its use. We’ve seen a lot of great wallpaper uses in homes around the world, many of which create something that’s truly unique and beautiful. Here are three innovative ways you can put wallpaper to use in your next decorating project.

Custom Mosaic Wallpaper

A mosaic is an art style that uses thousands of tiny tiles to create large and intricate patterns. Up close, the tiles are just flecks of colour, but together, they create something that’s much more beautiful and amazing. When it comes to wallpaper, this same effect can be created using the many different styles, textures, and colours that are available in wallpaper. Think about it: by cutting up intricate patterns of wallpaper, you can splice them together in a room for something wholly different while it still having a unifying theme. Ideas include using wallpaper of maps with old style globes for an office or even kid’s bedroom that ties all together. This idea could save you some money as well, using scraps of wallpaper to make something new rather than just buying a whole new roll for a new project.

Bring Mirrors in for Texture

While you can buy wallpaper in all manner of textures, including the soft threads of grasscloth wallpaper or the bumpy imperfection of textured paper, mirrors offer this in a whole different way. With the use of some differently-shaped mirrors, the wallpaper is reflected to give a unique texture to the walls while giving you a place to check yourself before heading out. This idea is particularly popular in bathrooms, where mirrors are commonplace and absolutely necessary. It can add some depth to otherwise flat styles and still maintain a visual cohesion.

Asian Inspired Room Flair

Asian-inspired rooms traditionally leave the walls fairly plain, relying on intricate and beautiful decorative pieces elsewhere to give the room texture and style. But this doesn’t have to be the case. With some well-placed wallpaper, maybe just the top half of the walls, you can add to the style without making the whole room feel too busy It can maintain that exotic look that you love, even push it a little further, and give you something that people will remember and love.

Wallpaper has exploded in the past few years because of the many different ways that people can use it, and the many different materials that are used. Vinyl wallpaper is simply no longer the only option available, and the breadth of wallpaper designs and colours means that the possibilities are simply endless. So whether you want a new spin on an old favourite, or a new look that no one has ever done before wallpaper is the way to do it. And a visit to your local wallpaper store is the first step to discover the right look for your home.

Redecorate On A Budget With A Fresh Coat Of Paint

paint brushes and painting chips used in home redecoration

We often see renovating as a huge undertaking, that we have to coordinate new furniture with new accent pieces, floors, and wall decorating, be it wallpaper or painting. But our homes often don’t need entire makeovers. In fact, most of the work we need to do if we want a little facelift for any room in our homes is actually little more than that, a little facelift. But you can change the entire look and feel of a room for relatively cheap and completely change the feel of your entire home with a relatively simple change: paint.

Painting walls has never been easier or cheaper than it is right now. Paint is widely available in a number of colours, tints, textures, and styles to fit any number of decor ideas. So whether it’s some special waterproof vinyl paint for a bathroom that’s looking a little old fashioned or a dining room that needs some sprucing up for guests, you can start your renovation with a bucket of paint and a few paint supplies.

Gather Your Painting Supplies

But let’s start with materials. If you’re lucky, you often have everything we need to paint already lying around the house. If you kept good care of old brushes and rollers, cleaning them after your last painting project, then you really only need some painter’s tape (which you probably have in spades as well) and the paint itself. If you happen to be short, painting supplies are available in abundance.

And unlike other renovation projects, like installing new plumbing or rearranging walls, you can sometimes do the painting yourself. It can be time consuming and technical, but if you want to renovate on a budget, there’s no one cheaper than yourself. The quality of work will undoubtedly not be the same, but your own work is highly-affordable compared to the cheapest professional painter.

Scheming A Scheme

There are a few handy tricks you can use to paint something that will look great with the furniture and pieces you already have. Most pieces may seem like they fit a particular style, but many trends are emphasizing the decorating equivalent of a mash-up: taking two things that don’t seem to go together and boldly striking out a new design. This can be classic colours with modern and sleek furniture or a striking colour scheme with older-style furniture.

Just because you have a rustic-looking wooden dining table doesn’t mean everything has to have a similar rustic look. Wood in particular can look great with many different colours, each emphasizing a particular colour in the grain. So strike out and see what works with some swatches from your local paint store and see where it takes you. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised.

Affordable, Simple Solution

Painting is easily one of the cheapest and most effective ways to get a new look for any room in your home. It can spruce up a space while still matching your old furniture, saving you money on a complete overhaul without breaking the bank. And you can save even more money by doing the work yourself (however, for ideal results we do recommend you hire a professional). You’ll be surprised what a simple paint job can do for your home, and add years to your favourite furniture and accent pieces.

Why Bother Buying Wallpaper At Your Local Retailer?

We can buy wallpaper pretty much anywhere these days, the internet, big box retailers, and local stores are just a few places, but one of these options let you see the paper in person and can give you expert advice on installing and maintaining your wallpaper. There are so many advantages to choosing a local store over the internet or big box stores, reasons that can save you time, money, and needless stress when you’re beautifying your home.

Your Monitor Is Not A Wallpaper Sample

The internet is a great place to look at wallpaper, but it’s hard to hold your computer monitor up to your wall and consider it’s look, especially if your brightness setting is a little low. The fact is wallpaper needs to be seen in real life and in the right context. That’s where a local retailer can give you a firsthand glimpse at how your wallpaper selections may look in your home. And if you go to a wallpaper store and you’re still unsure, ask for a small sample to take home. Your computer monitor is good for movies, but wallpaper needs to be seen in real life to get a proper idea of how it will look.

Big Box or Local Store, Who Do You Trust?

Big box retailers may seem like a great place to go for wallpaper, but there’s a few problems with choosing these massive stores over a more focused and local retailer. First, local stores staff people who love interior decorating, painting, and wallpaper, not a teenager who needs money to go to the movies with their friends. So you’re more likely to get great advice and professional, quality service at a local wallpaper store. These people know what they’re talking about and can help you find the perfect wallpaper for your needs. Plus, they can hook you up with a professional wallpapering contractor, so they can do all the work and you can get that paper into your home faster and with less stress.

The True Cost Of Saving A Few Bucks

But many people argue that it all comes down to price, that a local store costs a little more than an online retailer or big box store and they can’t justify spending the extra money. This is, by and large, an assumption rather than a claim made on research. Yes, local stores can cost more, but they have sales and competitive pricing on many products, and no online store or giant retail chain can match the advice and service you’ll get at a local store. Plus, with their connections to local installers, decorators, and more, you can get discounts and deals on every step of the process, from picking out your decor choices to having it professional put up in no time at all.

Wallpaper stores are one of the best resources people can go to for their decorating needs. Combining the benefits of the internet and big chain stores with that local care, attention, and knowledge, a local paint & wallpaper store will save you time, money, and a whole bunch of stress.

3 Reasons Wallpaper Will Never Go Out Of Style

wallpaper in a toronto area home

Design experts will lead you to believe that wallpaper is making a comeback, that it’s returning after years of paint taking the centre stage for home decor, but they’re lying. They’re telling the truth when they say wallpaper has never been more popular. They’re also telling the truth when they talk about new technologies giving you more options for colours, patterns, and textures. But to say wallpaper is making a comeback is silly. Wallpaper never left, it’s always been a great addition to anyone’s home decor. So if it’s never gone out of style, it certainly isn’t going anywhere in the future. Here’s 3 reasons why wallpaper remains one of the best choices for your walls.

1. Endless Patterns and Textures

Whether it’s your kids’ favourite TV characters or a beautiful hand-painted design recommended by an interior designer, there’s patterns for wallpaper that can give any room a unique flavour. Getting a beautiful pattern is easier with wallpaper, and more consistent, and new patterns are coming out everyday, so there’s a pattern that works for you. But we’re not just talking patterns, we’re also talking textures. Wallpaper is so much more than just a flat, heavy paper, it can come in all sorts of materials that can add depth and beauty to any room. For something soft, look for grasscloth wallpaper, which is both environmentally friendly and textured to give rooms a more comfortable and homey feel. For something bold, look to vinyl wallpaper, which can come in deep colours and patterns that are less likely to fade with time.

2. Lots of Colour Choices

If there’s nearly infinite patterns and colours for wallpaper, there’s at least as many colours. Since wallpaper can come in different textures, the colours, tones, and intensities found in wallpaper rival or even exceed paint, which can look different but is still essentially the same texture. Wallpaper has a broad range of colours with each type, all of which can bring a new dynamic to your home decor, so rather than going with boring old paint, try some cool new wallpapers that can play off your home’s style in exciting and interesting new ways.

3. Endurance

Paint chips, alligators, and bubbles. It scratches off and gets marked up, but wallpaper can last. Even better, wallpaper can clean up easier without needing to get a paintbrush and touch up. Especially in kids’ rooms, where your walls can take a beating, wallpaper can save your home from damage and require less touching up. Look for wallpaper styles that put endurance and durability first, like vinyl, that will stand up to most accidents and won’t need additional painting to make everything look brand new again.

Wallpaper is here to stay, so why not go and check out all the exciting ways it can add to your home’s style. Whether it’s eco-conscious grasscloth or a beautiful pattern for your living room, wallpaper gives you more access to colours, textures, and patterns than paint. And that’s why wallpaper is here to stay.

Laundry Room Getting You Down? Time To Break Out The Paint!

drab laundry room

One of the rooms most often passed over when it comes time to remodel is the laundry room (unless you’ve got a show box sized laundry room). It’s relatively unvisited by strangers, unless you’ve got a really fancy one. And everytime you visit this room it’s just to load dirty laundry, move laundry to the drier, fold laundry, hang laundry, etc. So why bother putting much effort, or thought into the perfect paint colour for your laundry room?

You have to choose some colour for this room, but leaving it good old “contractor white” is usually never a good idea. So, do you use some leftover paints from one of your other rooms? Do you delve into colour psychology in an attempt to brainwash your significant other to handle all the laundry room chores? Or, perhaps you can find a colour that’ll fill you with bliss in an attempt to make the doing the chores more enjoyable? Goodluck! The truth is that you can do more with your laundry room than just leave it the boring, stale, lifeless husk this room tends to be.

It’s common to find many laundry rooms using the standard neutral adorning the rest of the home. So, what are your options? Generally you’ll want to stick to some sort of a neutral colour but simply add some spark to the room. For instance, take a look at your floor and find a paint colour that’ll go with the styling of your floor is a great way to pull the room together. Most laundry room appliances will be black or white based colour schemes and will go with just about anything. So consider choosing a colour that matches your countertop, this is another way to tie the room together. If this is still putting you to sleep, you can try a cool coastal colour. Consider a light blue or soothing green which tend to be very soft and relaxing, the perfect balance to monotonous boring chores.

If you’re looking for a more dramatic experience with your laundry, brown is definitely a great place to start. Most browns will go with your standard cabinetry, counter top, and run of the mill appliance colour schemes. Brown is a great colour since it plays well with others but still has enough presence to make a statement, also it will do a good job to cover up any bumps and scuffs which inevitably happen during your standard laundry room adventure.

Now, if these colour schemes still aren’t tickling your fancy, it’s time to get more serious. You might want to try a bright, bold, or vivid paint colour. Make sure you pick something that does not stand out incredibly from the rest of your home, if you’re keen on maintaining a harmonious look that is. If in doubt it’s not a bad idea to consult a professional.

In the end, spending a bit of time considering how you want your laundry room to look can really help improve the look of your home. You will end up spending a considerable amount of your time in this room, often simply doing chores, so ensuring that it looks it’s best will help to improve the quality of your life substantially.

Living Room Colours For Those Who Don’t Know

living room with blue paint colour

Living rooms are tricky places when it comes to painting because, unlike sitting rooms or bedrooms, they are communal spaces used for a variety of functions everyday. A living room in the course of a single day could be used for watching television, playing with toys on the floor, and hosting a party in the evening, so picking the right colours that look great while offering some flexibility can be very difficult, especially if you have furniture that you need to match. But have no fear, today we’ll go through some living room colours that will look great, giving some advice for those who don’t know what works and what doesn’t.

living room with blue paint colour
Colour: Blue
When to use it: Calming, welcoming spaces
Blue is a generally calming colour, it gives a relaxing feel to any room, but especially living rooms, where guests and inhabitants will frequently go to chill out and relax. it works especially well in small spaces. As far as colours go, as in not-neutrals like greys and whites, blue is a popular choice for very good reasons.

grey paint colour in living room
Colour: Grey
When to use it: Rooms with great art
Grey is often thought of as a cold choice, distant and detached, but there are great greys out there that have warm undertones. Greys are especially great in rooms where you have a lot of art on the walls because it blends into the background so easily. If you have a room where the stuff on the walls, not the walls themselves, are what you want to showcase, then a grey may just be your best choice.

living room with brown paint colours
Colour: Browns
When to use it: Rooms with lots of wood furniture or textiles
Browns are the most overlooked colour choice for living rooms because people simply don’t think about it. What’s great about this colour, though, is it becomes a great choice while not being too flashy. Deep browns are great for rooms with lots of texture, like wood furniture or textiles, because it highlights the feel of these rooms. But browns are fundamentally unobtrusive because they are a support colour rather than a colour that draws attention to itself.

den area painted with red paint colours
Colour: Red
When to use it: With traditional furniture, to highlight a “masculine” feel
Reds are a great choice for dens because they are a bold choice while staying familiar. They are especially great for rooms with old style furniture because it highlights these choices and gives a room a classic feel over trying to be dynamic in itself. Deep reds are also great for more “masculines” rooms. Not bars or where you watch the game, but where you would smoke a cigar. Living rooms in particular can benefit from reds if they are used less for TV and more for entertaining.

Choosing living room colours can be a scary choice for anyone who doesn’t keep up with the interior decorating world, but it isn’t nearly as hard as most think. When choosing colours for your living room, think about the furniture that you have and what you do in the room. With that information, picking the right paint colour can actually be really easy.

Looking someone to help make your living room look it’s best? Feel free to contact us.

How To Choose The Right Kitchen Paint Colours

kitchen in need of a paint job

Everyone knows the phenomenon: people at parties always end up in the kitchen. This may be because that’s where the food is, it may be because there’s always lots of activity, or it may simply be the best smelling room in the house. Whatever the reason, kitchens offer a great space to gather and hang out, so choosing the right kitchen paint colours are essential for anyone considering a new coat of paint in the room that attracts guests. But every kitchen is a little different and so are the people who use the, but here are some tips we have on how to choose the right kitchen paint colours.

Kitchens are unlike any other room in our homes not only because of their function, but from a painter’s perspective, they offer less wall space but just as much painting space. Actual walls in kitchens, on average, only take up about half of the kitchen wallspace. The rest is dedicated to cabinets, trim, and other spaces. This makes kitchens especially exciting and also a little daunting.

When thinking about kitchen colours, you have to consider each of the things you are painting. Cupboards, trim, and walls are rarely painted the same colour, so kitchens can be a fun place to experiment with multiple colours. So when you are painting a kitchen, don’t think just one colour, but an entire design.

Colour palettes in 2014 are moving towards natural, seaside-inspired hues, so look for blues and yellows that remind guests of the oceanfront. Brighter colours and softer hues go well together and make for a welcoming space to guests and family members.

Always consider the furniture you have or plan to have as well. Lighter furniture, especially at breakfast bars, benefits from more welcoming and lighter colours. Just be careful not to wash out a space, always look for brighter colours against very light, weathered, or faded furniture.

When picking kitchen colours, it’s also important to think about the connecting rooms as well. A dining room right next to the kitchen, for example, should complement the colours in the kitchen to avoid harsh transitions. While use of what I like to call ‘statement colours,’ colours that people notice when they enter a room (they make a statement), try not to make every colour in your kitchen a statement colour. Instead, just like cuisine these days, stick with a couple of basics and a deciding flavour to bring out the natural beauty of your selections. Simple is always better than complicated, both with cooking in the kitchen and the paint on the walls. Luckily, with the huge selection of colours from Benjamin Moore finding the ideal scheme should be pretty simple.

Finally, don’t forget about your kitchen’s “fifth wall,” the ceiling! Painted ceilings can make a statement or really tie a room together. Whatever your choices, just make sure your kitchen paint colours offer a casual, welcoming, and comforting feel. Your guests will all gather there, so they should feel welcome right down to the walls.

4 Decorating Ideas You Didn’t Think of

rolls of wallpaper

Converting an old space into something new and dynamic doesn’t mean you have to renovate. Sometimes, all you need to do is decorate. The internet is filled with very elaborate and truly unique decorating tips, from aquarium headboards to clear bathtubs, but not all of us have the time, money, or resources to make such extreme makeovers. So instead, if you’re in need of something fresh and new, here are some great decorating tips we’ve discovered that could help. Each of these are relatively quick and simple, but the results will surely turn some heads.

1. Painting Your Ceiling

When people paint, they rarely think to look up, but that is exactly where a great paint job can turn into a dynamic decorating decision. Ceilings can be painted just like any other surface and can tie a room together much better than excessive accessories. Next time you want to make a room really pop, to make your friends really take notice, consider painting your ceiling a colour you thought only for your walls. It’s just like a gallery wall, a wall painted a different colour from all the others, except a bit bolder.

2. Grasscloth Wallpaper

Wallpaper comes in many different forms, but grasscloth is the latest and most eco-friendly wallpaper available. Using it in rooms that need softening, whether in bedrooms or homey living rooms, and take comfort in knowing the wallpaper is better for the environment. Grasscloth wallpaper comes in different colours but also different textures, so they can make a room look very unique very subtlety.

3. Convertible Furniture

A recent article in Toronto Life magazine talked about the “Condo Generation,” how young families are raising their children in smaller and smaller spaces. This is where multifunctional furniture comes in, making spaces usually dedicated to one activity into a multipurpose space saver. A serving cart with locking wheels, for example, makes a great addition to a smaller table for extra seating and can store things everyday. If space is an issue, get creative with how one piece of furniture can change the overall look of a room while making it more usable.

4. Screens

Screens are being used much more often these days to separate spaces and create new spaces in existing rooms. They can be very functional, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be fashionable. People are using screens to give boring rooms more interesting angles, for example, and the available patterns and colours mean they can be a defining feature of the rooms they create.

Sometimes great decorating comes from less rather than more. Simple solutions, like adding wallpaper or painting one surface, can completely change the look and feel for a room without breaking the bank. The next time you need some change in your home, don’t worry about price or complexity. Think about how less, sometimes, is much, much more. With these decorating tips, you can get a fresh look with relatively little time and money.

What’s So Awesome About Grasscloth Wallpaper?

grasscloth wallpaper bathroom

Wallpaper is all about being what paint can never be, from intricate patterns to varying textures a paint brush can simply never do. And while paint can be made from a variety of materials, none are as easily noticeable and practical for decorators and designers as wallpaper. Vinyl wallpaper has become the mainstay of the industry for its durability and dynamic colours, but new technologies have seen a resurgence in a classic wallpaper material: grasscloth.

Grasscloth wallpaper has come and gone roughly every twenty years since the fifties. People were a big fan of the material mid-century and loved it again in the glam of the seventies. It took a bit of a break in the eighties and nineties when vinyl was everybody’s go-to wallpaper before landing in the eco-craze of the early 2000s. Usually grasscloth played a supporting role to the rest of the room, but recent blends of material allow a farther range of colours, patterns, and even prints. Grasscloth wallpaper can now compete with the other materials while giving rooms a unique texture no other product can match.

So what exactly is grasscloth?

The wallpaper is made from actual grass fibres, sometime woven on looms, to create a strong, interwoven fabric. Sea grass, sisal, and jute are the most common plants used to make the product and come in various grains, from coarse to fine depending on your specific needs. Because the product is natural, rooms can have visible seams where the paper lines up, which is why some people shy away from grasscloth. But in the right hands, these seams can make a room go from bland to dynamic. And because they are made from all natural materials, usually with a bit of cotton to keep things all together, grasscloth wallpaper is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly decisions anyone can make for what they put on their walls.

New technologies in dye also means this type of wallpaper is experiencing a bit of a renaissance when it comes to colours and patterns. Companies like Thibaut have taken to prints and designs on their grasscloth lines. Incorporating the original material itself into the design, like sea grass blossom patterns, are also becoming more common. With the water-based inks, the dying process also maintains the natural look of the wallpaper, and keeps that captivating uneven look.

Another benefit with grasscloth is the texture, something paint and other forms of wallpaper just simply cannot imitate. Textures change depending on the type of grass and the grain, which means even more choices for someone looking to add a bit of a different feel to a room.

Grasscloth wallpaper has come a long way since its heydays in the fifties and seventies, giving decorators even more options for their next projects. So the question isn’t really “Why do you need it?” It’s “Why wouldn’t you want it?”

3 Fabulous Reasons to Choose Wallpaper Over Paint

wallpaper in modern living room

While our provocative title might have you believe we stand for wallpaper over paint, this is not the case (sorry to disappoint), but there are some very intriguing reasons you may want to select wallpaper instead of paint for your project, so read on!

Wallpaper, once relegated to children’s bedrooms and tacky living rooms, has been making a steady comeback in the last decade. But what makes wallpaper better than paint? Today, we decided to fill you on a few reasons you may decide to choose wallpaper for your next interior decorating project.

More Dynamic Design Choices

Wallpaper designs have come a long way from the glam vinyl of the seventies and your kids’ bedrooms. Nowadays, new technologies means the options are literally endless for the patterns and prints.

Designers are falling in love with wallpaper because that they can match patterns in the decorating just as much with the walls. Patterns and prints can range from playful to classic, meaning wallpaper can completely change a room’s mood in any way you choose. And with the different materials, wallpaper can either make a statement or enhance what everything else is doing.

And anyone who’s decided to paint a wall can tell you that, no matter how hard putting paint on the walls is, putting it on the roof is even worse. Luckily, the ease that wallpaper goes up, your room’s ‘fifth wall’ is another place to get a unique look for your rooms.

Textures Paint Just Can’t Get

To make a room look truly unique with paint, to give it that special cozy look that requires more than just flat paint, people have to use some extreme methods. ‘Strategic’ chipping, strange textured products, and special tools are all required to do what wallpaper does naturally.

From new vinyl styles to the great comeback of grasscloth, wallpaper comes in almost as many textures as it does patterns.

It’s Just Plain Easier

Rollers, brushes, tape, primer, multiple coats, patching, sanding, priming and all that other stuff. Most rooms in the process of getting a fresh coat of paint look the same, cluttered and unliveable.

But wallpaper goes up quicker and with less hassle that paint and that means your room will look great in less time. Wallpaper is also easier to make even. Where painting usually requires multiple coats that can look inconsistent without near-obsessive levels of care, wallpaper just needs to be lined up and hung. No fuss, little mess, and a great looking room without the cleanup.

Another great benefit is that wallpaper covers up your wall’s minor blemishes as well, which will cut down the time and effort needed to prep surfaces before painting.

So the next time you are in your favourite paint store, take a moment to look at our wallpaper suggestions. You’ll find inspiration and beauty easily, sure to get your creative side running overtime with all the available patterns, prints, and textures. Combine those with the ease of hanging and wallpaper may just be your next best decision you ever made.

Three Bedroom Colour Schemes To Make Your Home Sparkle

bedroom paint colour schemes

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when trying to decorate your home? Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when there are so many interior design options to explore. What most people don’t realize is that one of the easiest ways to find your voice as a decorator is to start with a colour scheme. Here are three bedroom colour schemes to make your home sparkle!

When thinking about bedroom colour ideas, it is best to start off with a larger theme to guide you. Think about how you want your bedroom to look and feel. What kind of story do you want it to tell? Do you want it to remind you of a certain time or place? The next step is to pick out three colours that you associate with this idea. Here are some decorating ideas and corresponding colour schemes to help get you started.

1. Nautical

The serenity of the sea can be brought right to your bedroom by using three simple colours! Red, white and blue. We highly recommend Benjamin Moore paint for fabulous deep colour appearances. But, it doesn’t have to be as simple as painting the walls these colours. You can add texture and depth by painting stripes on one wall or painting your entire bedroom white and incorporating the other colours into the room with accessories and textiles. Consider nautical themed drapes and bedding to capture the spirit of the sea.

2. Contemporary Warmth

This is a popular interior design theme meant to make you feel warm and at home. It is a classic yet understated theme that usually uses neutral and earth tones. These colours tend to be warmer in nature and this gives off a familiar feeling of comfort. Bedroom paint colours such as warm taupes, chocolate browns, forest greens and beiges evoke the feel of a cozy space that you will love. Avoid overusing beige by mixing different shades of one colour. Some decorating ideas include painting three walls one shade and the wall which frames the bed a darker or lighter shade of the same colour. This will add depth and contrast. Why not add small pops of bright or deep colours here and there to break up the monotony. This can be done with furniture, pillows, rugs or small accessories. Mixing textures and tones will surely bring out that contemporary warm feel that is so comforting to have in a bedroom.

3. Expressive Exotic

Beautiful jewel tones such as emerald green, ruby red and gold work great as bedroom paint colours. They will surely add a vibrant and regal feel to your bedroom. Though some people are intimidated, this is a surprisingly versatile colour palette to work with. Deep sapphire blues and academic purples an evoke a classic antique charm. Mixing some gold touches in with your decorating ideas can modernize it and give it a playful feel. Warm ambers tones will subdue deeper and darker colours by bringing in some warm earth tones.

Hopefully these decorating ideas have inspired you to choose interesting bedroom colour schemes to make your home come alive!


IdeaPaint CREATE, A Custom Whiteboard Paint Solution

whiteboard paint put to use in office space

We no longer carry this product in store; we recommend Notable, a new Benjamin Moore whiteboard product, contact us for details.

White is the new black, at least when it comes to specialized custom solutions for writing on your walls (or other innovative surfaces).

Chalkboard paint has been around for quite a long time now, allowing anyone to paint a blackboard wherever, and whenever they please. But let’s face it, chalk is messy and stinky. Having to deal with a dusty, dirty box of stubby chalk pieces is not pleasant or effective and certainly not welcome in many office environments; this one significant reason why the famous dry erase whiteboard has been met with open arms by business professionals.

The ease of planning, brainstorming, and conveying information is night-and-day on a dry erase surface when compared with its traditional and antiquated cousin, the blackboard. Why is this? It’s not that whiteboards simply had better marketing, or were adopted by famous celebrities – whiteboards have become the new standard for good reasons: they’re clean, sanitary, and quite frankly easy to work with. Storing writing materials is not a messy (and unsightly) ordeal and the surface can be erased to its former glory without creating choking dust clouds.

It’s no surprise then that manufacturing companies have set about creating new and creative implementations for dry erase boards. One of these creations is dry erase paint. In fact, whiteboard paint is nothing new but lately there have been some very interesting developments in this area; a relatively new product, IdeaPaint CREATE, is aiming to takeover this market and with good reason.

Progress, Meet Innovation

Featuring a low-VOC, low-odour formula IdeaPaint CREATE is a whiteboard dry erase paint product that people can love; low-VOC and low-odour means no need to clear out the office to paint that new whiteboard to escape stinky and nauseating paint fumes. This is quite an achievement indeed. However, there are still many people who question the usefulness of whiteboard paint. After all, why bother using this product at all when you can simply run to your local office supply store out and buy a whiteboard to take care of your needs.

First, there are some people who’ve faced this question before, opting instead for the freedom of collaboration that a custom painted whiteboard allows. Who are these people? Oh, just top players from organizations like Reebok, The North Face, Hubspot, Welch’s, and Berklee College of Music; people who firmly understand that achieving results requires an appropriate and effective solution.

These are people who have opted, instead of buying custom built traditional (and very expensive) whiteboard solutions, to choose an affordable and customized painted whiteboard option. These solutions aid them in their day-to-day operations by allowing them to collaborate with their colleagues and clients in innovative and novel ways.

Second, we address a topic already mentioned, cost. Many people who investigate whiteboard paint for their office are looking for a specialized dry erase solution. This means either a large-scale solution, or a highly specialized and custom solution. Purchasing and installing a solution of this sort can make those with even the largest budget’s cringe.

Choosing dry erase paint is an affordable alternative to expensive bespoke crafted whiteboards, and can be easily installed by professional painters providing little disruption to daily business and office on-goings thanks to IdeaPaint’s special low-VOC and low-odour formula.

Third, this one is the kicker – a custom painted dry erase board does not even need to be white. IdeaPaint has developed three separate colour options for their CREATE product line. White, black, and clear – yes, this means you can have a black whiteboard! A clear dry erase top-coat can allow for particularly creative solutions; imagine large scale wall calendars, massive task lists, or other permanently organized information structures.

You simply paint the graphic design you want on the surface, and cover with a top-coat of clear dry erase paint.

When Should You Hire A Professional Painter?

diy painter woman rolling wall

When it comes to painting the inside of a house, there are a number of tasks that an amateur DIY painter can do and there are also a number of situations where they would be better off leaving the work to a professional. Most people who are painting their home will either face painting a single room as a colour update, or will be looking at painting an entire house before they move in or out. We’ll dig a little deeper into these two tasks and discuss some of the problems that a DIY painter might face.

The Basic Room

Taking on a basic room paint job is not a difficult thing for most people. By basic room paint job, we are referring to simple job like painting the walls in a bedroom. This sort of task can be accomplished by any able-bodied person who has time and patience on their hands. Even those with the shakiest of hands can end up with acceptable results if they take the time to carefully tape off the room (using a proper high-quality painters tape, of course) and apply the paint in an even an methodical manner. Painting trim work and doors is within reach of a DIY painter, as long as they have patience, time on their hands, and do not mind the risk of a less than perfect finish.

It’s also important to note that while a DIY painter can paint a room, the time required for them to do so can be drastically different from the time it would take a professional. Most DIY painters can paint a room over a weekend, whereas a professional painting contractor might only require a couple of hours to get the same job done.

Just about anyone can pull off the basic room paintjob; if you have time, patience, and aren’t afraid of some light physical work this is the perfect job for a DIY painter.

Painting an Entire House

Painting an entire house will require significant more effort than a simple room repaint. Not only will the labour be more intensive but the planning will require more insight as well. Of course, this all depends on the size of the house. Failure to plan the entire job out properly can result in a lot of wasted money and time, two things that many people are lacking these days. Another issue with painting a house is the time required to do so, while many DIY painters could eventually get the job done, the time it takes them to complete an entire house may make taking on a job this size unrealistic.

Depending on the size of the house it could take a DIY painter weeks to finish, and without adequate job planning create a complete disaster zone and even running some of their property due to mishaps. In contrast, a skilled painting contractor can complete a house very efficiently and through their experience will know the best way to approach the job so as to minimize inconvenience to the occupants.

Painting an entire house may be out of scope of many DIY painters. You’ll need to consider access to every area that needs to be painted, specialized tools and equipment to reach these areas, and also the amount of time required to complete the paint job.

To DIY, or Not To DIY?

Whether or not you should take on a painting project will largely depend on the amount of time you have, your patience, and your physical ability. If you’re up for the task we have everything you need for a successful painting project; high-quality paint product such as Benjamin Moore paint, all the painting supplies you’ll ever need, and even friendly advice on how to get the job done.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Wallpaper Instead Of Paint

rolls of wallpaper

Planning on freshening up your home but unsure of whether to choose wallpaper or paint for refinishing the walls? Both have their advantages, but here we will discuss the top reasons for choosing wallpaper instead of paint for your home’s walls.

Wallpaper lasts longer

Wallpaper tends to be more durable than paint. Paint can chip and peel from moisture or accidental collisions, whereas wallpaper will stand up to most situations much better. This gives wallpaper greater longevity, meaning that you won’t have to go back and refinish the walls for years, or even decades in some cases.

Another point towards the use of wallpaper is that it is much easier to clean than paint is. When wallpaper gets a dirty spot, you can just wipe it off. While you can wipe down some paints, it may take the finish off of them, or leave a shiny spot.

This increased lifetime means that you won’t find yourself having to redo the whole room as often, saving you money in materials and labor over time. It has been estimated that choosing vinyl wallpapering over paint can save you up to 30% in costs.

Intricacy and flexibility of style

Wallpaper comes in a huge variety of styles, from stripes to damask and everything in between. This variety gives you lots of choices when crafting a room’s feel and style, giving you more freedom of expression in your home’s decoration. You can also get much more intricate designs on wallpaper than paint. Designs of any kind are a pain to create using paint and require artistic and technical painting skills. Wallpaper can range from very intricate to more abstract designs, and either way it’s just as easy to put up.

Whatever look you choose for your home, you can find wallpaper that will complement it perfectly. It is also a lot easier to layer colour schemes to match your furniture and floors. With paint, layering paint can be a complex and time-consuming task, but wallpaper comes with the colours already done. All you have to do is choose the paper that complements your colour scheme and install it.

Another great point is that wallpaper doesn’t require the complex masking that paint does, and you do not have to worry about getting paint where it doesn’t belong. Just buy the right size sheets or cut it to size, and you’re golden.

Wallpaper is more unique than paint

Nobody wants to hear “I have that same colour in my living room”, however this is pretty common with painted walls. Paint comes in many colours, but people usually choose the same neutral colours to cover their walls with, which ends up making every room look the same. With wallpaper, you get a more unique, customized, and individual look, and you are not likely to find another home nearby with the same colours and designs as your newly wallpapered living room or bedroom.

For even more unique rooms, you can even mix wallpaper with exotic paint colours to create a truly unique living environment that even the craftiest interior decorator would be jealous of. Express yourself and experiment with different colours and designs to find the right mix that truly defines you. For a nice, seamless room, try to match the background of the wallpaper to the paint that you are using. Make sure that it fits nicely with your furniture and doesn’t clash with your floors.

With so many designs and colour schemes to choose from, it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to wallpaper to finish their walls and give their home a very tasteful feel. You can find tons of great wallpaper products our store, so drop in and come ask one of our experts if you are thinking of refinishing your walls in the near future. Keep expressing yourself and check back in the future for more great blogs.