Redecorate On A Budget With A Fresh Coat Of Paint

paint brushes and painting chips used in home redecoration

We often see renovating as a huge undertaking, that we have to coordinate new furniture with new accent pieces, floors, and wall decorating, be it wallpaper or painting. But our homes often don’t need entire makeovers. In fact, most of the work we need to do if we want a little facelift for any room in our homes is actually little more than that, a little facelift. But you can change the entire look and feel of a room for relatively cheap and completely change the feel of your entire home with a relatively simple change: paint.

Painting walls has never been easier or cheaper than it is right now. Paint is widely available in a number of colours, tints, textures, and styles to fit any number of decor ideas. So whether it’s some special waterproof vinyl paint for a bathroom that’s looking a little old fashioned or a dining room that needs some sprucing up for guests, you can start your renovation with a bucket of paint and a few paint supplies.

Gather Your Painting Supplies

But let’s start with materials. If you’re lucky, you often have everything we need to paint already lying around the house. If you kept good care of old brushes and rollers, cleaning them after your last painting project, then you really only need some painter’s tape (which you probably have in spades as well) and the paint itself. If you happen to be short, painting supplies are available in abundance.

And unlike other renovation projects, like installing new plumbing or rearranging walls, you can sometimes do the painting yourself. It can be time consuming and technical, but if you want to renovate on a budget, there’s no one cheaper than yourself. The quality of work will undoubtedly not be the same, but your own work is highly-affordable compared to the cheapest professional painter.

Scheming A Scheme

There are a few handy tricks you can use to paint something that will look great with the furniture and pieces you already have. Most pieces may seem like they fit a particular style, but many trends are emphasizing the decorating equivalent of a mash-up: taking two things that don’t seem to go together and boldly striking out a new design. This can be classic colours with modern and sleek furniture or a striking colour scheme with older-style furniture.

Just because you have a rustic-looking wooden dining table doesn’t mean everything has to have a similar rustic look. Wood in particular can look great with many different colours, each emphasizing a particular colour in the grain. So strike out and see what works with some swatches from your local paint store and see where it takes you. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised.

Affordable, Simple Solution

Painting is easily one of the cheapest and most effective ways to get a new look for any room in your home. It can spruce up a space while still matching your old furniture, saving you money on a complete overhaul without breaking the bank. And you can save even more money by doing the work yourself (however, for ideal results we do recommend you hire a professional). You’ll be surprised what a simple paint job can do for your home, and add years to your favourite furniture and accent pieces.

3 Steps To Save Money By Painting Your Home Yourself

woman about to paint room

We can get a lot of people to do our work for us, whether that’s getting Amazon to deliver our shopping to us, delegate snow shoveling to our kids or young neighbourhood entrepreneurs, or getting someone to paint our homes. With painting especially, we can often do the job ourselves with acceptable results. After all, a passable paint job takes more time than skill. Here are three ways you can save some money by doing your next painting project yourself.

Get the Right Tools

Painting is more than just a bucket of paint and a paint brush. You need to be fully equipped with extra paint brushes, rollers, painting tape, and plastic sheets to keep your house clean. There’s no such thing as a quick paint job, just a job done right with minimal clean up. Getting the right tools makes sure that most of your time will be dedicated to painting, not cleaning up mistakes made along the way.

Use Quality Paint

Quality paint is the best way to get the right look sooner. Many stores will try and sell you bargain basement paint, claiming you can save money through cheaper paint. But cheaper paint requires more coats and more work. If you combine the increased amount of paint and the extra time you spend applying it, a quality paint is actually cheaper overall. But high quality paint is just the first step. Always get the right paint for the job as well. Exterior paint jobs, for example, will look awful and fall apart faster if a person is painting using interior paint. By getting the right paint for the job, you’ll save time and money.

Properly Prepare the Area for Painting

Most problems with people’s paint jobs happen before they’ve even started putting paint on the walls. Alligatoring, peeling, and many other problems are mostly caused by one major factor: a lack of proper preparation. Always prep your walls for a new paint job by sanding it down, replacing or removing damaged parts of the wall, and applying a quality primer as the first couple of coats. A properly prepared wall will look better, last longer, and be less likely to fall prey to many of the problems that come from doing a poor job at the very beginning.

There are many instances when painting projects yourself is the best choice; you can save money and enjoy the work itself by dedicating some time to the job. But there are instances when getting a professional painter is almost entirely necessary. More technical jobs or painting in dangerous areas (like at heights) are best handled by a professional painting contractor. But for your average painting job, you can save some time and money by following the suggestions above. With the right tools, paint, and preparation, you’ll be done before you know it and may even have some left over money. If that’s the case, go out there and treat yourself for a job well done.

Pros And Cons Of A DIY Paint Project

Choosing whether or not to do a painting job yourself may seem like a no-brainer, but there are tons of pros and cons to consider before rushing out to the paint store or picking up the phone to call the professionals. Here’s a quick list of pros and cons for your next painting job, and whether doing it yourself is better or worse than simply hiring a professional.

Why Bother Doing A DIY Paint Project?

Cost: Your own labour can be inherently cheaper than hiring a professional painting contractor, and therefore theoretically, is cheaper than a professional painter. You paint for free, a painter paints for profit. So when you are thinking about the cost, always think about whether or not you could do it yourself, whether you have this time to do the job yourself and therefore save yourself some money.

Control: When it comes time to paint a specific colour scheme, it is not uncommon for a professional to make some strong recommendations. With your own hand, your colour schemes are entirely under your own control. Some professionals may question your choices in ways you feel they won’t understand, so sticking to your guns is way easier with only your opinion mattering. Hence, therefore performing your painting project do-it-yourself style can give you the look you want without having to haggle or debate about why you like the colours you’re choosing.

A Few Reasons Why You Might Not Want To

Cost: Many people think they can do the job themselves and, in many instances, they are absolutely correct. But there are certain advantages to getting a professional to paint for you. For example, more difficult and technical paint jobs, like outdoor painting or painting a ceiling, will benefit from a professional, not only because they will do the job better, given their expertise, but also because they can do the job right the first time.

There are many instances when people simply do the work themselves only to have the paint job look amateur and last only a little while. With a professional, the job gets done in less time and will be done correctly the first time. Such a guarantee simply doesn’t exist with doing the work yourself. Mistakes are entirely on you if you screw up, and those mistakes will show instantly. If you think the work is a little too complicated, or you simply don’t have the time, a professional painter will actually save you money in the long run.

Skill: Especially with these more technical jobs, if you want certain colour schemes or are painting places with strange lighting or surfaces, a professional can make a job look better in less time. When looking at a painting job, think about what sort of skill is needed and be honest about your own abilities. Remember, it’s always better and cheaper to hire a professional and get the job done right than paint, realize you’re out of your depth, and hire a professional after the fact. Many people think painting is an easy job, but certain scenarios prove otherwise very quickly. Be honest with your own abilities and you’ll get something that you can be happy about much easier, and for less money overall.

Materials: Painting costs add up quickly: paints, paintbrushes, appropriate attire, and all the other costs easily add up in painting jobs. But professionals will already have all the right equipment and that can save you money in the long run. Additionally, a professional will know when and where to use what product, potentially saving you the hassle of using an inferior solution. When you are thinking about DIY painting, the job may be cheaper by getting someone with all the right tools already over buying them all yourself, only to use them a handful of times.

3 Reasons to Shop at Your Local Benjamin Moore Store

Walk into your local Toronto Benjamin Moore paint store and you will instantly notice a few things. First, the bright and clean space will be filled with all sorts of great painting accessories, from brushes to gadgets you’ve probably never heard of! The friendly staff will also be on hand, professionally doling out advice, tips, and smiles in equal measure. Of course, the best part of any Benjamin Moore paint store is, well, the Benjamin Moore paint. Any store employee will tell you about the great benefits of choosing Benjamin Moore paint for your next renovation job, but here are 3 reasons you’ll absolutely love stepping into your local paint store:

Expert Advice

A Benjamin Moore paint store employee knows more about painting than the teenager sitting behind the desk at your regular paint department. These staff are dedicated to helping you make the best painting choices possible. When you walk into a Benjamin Moore paint store, come with your most difficult questions, these staff members will be able to give you quality advice so your next painting project looks better and lasts longer. And if you need a second opinion on colours or tints, a paint store employee can help you weigh the benefits for the best choice for you. From application tips to the right type of paint, painting experts will have answers for any of your questions.

Quality Products

Benjamin Moore paint has proven time and again to be the best paint you can find on the shelves. Its high quality materials, combined with the latest in paint technology, means you are getting paint that is unparalleled in quality. And with so many options, from exterior paints to the latest in eco-friendly options, not to mention the latest and greatest colours and tints, Benjamin Moore paints will bring that extra something to your next project. Don’t be satisfied with cheaper substitutes, Benjamin Moore paint will do a better job for less. Which brings us to our third reason to go to your local paint store:


Armed with the advice of paint store professionals and the best paint on the market, a single trip to your local Benjamin Moore paint store has already armed you with some savings. You will already have some application tips to save time and access to the best time-saving accessories for those hard-to-reach-places, but the paint itself will also save you money. Because of Benjamin Moore quality paints, you will need less coats to get the right look and colour. That means less paint overall and more money still in your wallet.

Your local paint store is a great place to stop in when you have any new painting project. You’ll find friendly staff and quality products that’ll save you time and money, and make the painting experience better overall. Plus, with Benjamin Moore paint, you can take comfort in the fact your paint will last longer in the colour you want.

For more details feel free to contact us directly.

3 Areas That’ll Love Chalkboard Paint

chalkboard paint table

If you are searching to decorate your home in a useful and unique way, perhaps chalkboard paint is right for you. If you have kids, an office, or a kitchen that you want to make more of an interactive space for the whole family, this could do the trick. Chalkboard paint is matte in texture and could add a modern flair to the look of your home. You don’t have to confine chalkboard paint to walls. You could paint furniture, floors, and small household accessories. Also, chalkboard paint is very versatile. It can be simply a decorative feature in your home that is not used as an actual chalkboard, or you can write on it if you wish. However, if you do choose to use them like a chalkboard, the great thing about chalkboard paint is that it won’t ruin the walls; you can just wipe it clean.

Here are three useful chalkboard paint ideas that you can incorporate into your home!

Chalkboard Paint In The Kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to incorporate chalkboard paint into your home because it is a family space that is meant to be interactive. Painting your cupboards with chalkboard paint is a useful way to jot down ingredients, recipes, weekly menu ideas, and grocery lists. Painting the small sections of your walls could also make it handy to write notes or little reminders to family members or house mates.

Another idea is to use chalkboard paint instead of the common tile back-splash along the counter. This modern and unique decorating trick is gaining popularity right now. Lastly, you could choose a wall, such as the one behind the kitchen table, to paint as a chalkboard. If you have kids this could be useful as a place to write on while doing homework, or play on while you make dinner in the kitchen.

In The Office

Many people have bulletin boards in their office to post reminders, inspirational images and notes above their desk. Imagine extending this idea to the entire wall. Painting a wall in your office with chalkboard paint would allow you to write to do lists, phone numbers, important reminders and jot down any random notes of inspiration quickly and easily. An added bonus is that it is environmentally friendly; using a chalkboard instead of many pieces of disposable paper reduces your carbon footprint and will make your office look more sleek, utilitarian and modern.

Chalkboard In The Kids Play Room

Many people have a problem with children who write on the walls. This is often an unavoidable problem with families who have young children and crayons and markers in the house that are within reach to children. White walls often look like a blank canvas for kids to draw all over. The problem with drawing all over freshly painted white walls is that you cannot wash it off! Having a chalkboard wall as a designated area to draw on will solve this problem and teach children to colour inside the lines, so to speak, or at least not all over your walls!

Hopefully these ideas will help you incorporate chalkboard paint into your home in a way that is useful, attractive and enjoyable!

When Should You Hire A Professional Painter?

diy painter woman rolling wall

When it comes to painting the inside of a house, there are a number of tasks that an amateur DIY painter can do and there are also a number of situations where they would be better off leaving the work to a professional. Most people who are painting their home will either face painting a single room as a colour update, or will be looking at painting an entire house before they move in or out. We’ll dig a little deeper into these two tasks and discuss some of the problems that a DIY painter might face.

The Basic Room

Taking on a basic room paint job is not a difficult thing for most people. By basic room paint job, we are referring to simple job like painting the walls in a bedroom. This sort of task can be accomplished by any able-bodied person who has time and patience on their hands. Even those with the shakiest of hands can end up with acceptable results if they take the time to carefully tape off the room (using a proper high-quality painters tape, of course) and apply the paint in an even an methodical manner. Painting trim work and doors is within reach of a DIY painter, as long as they have patience, time on their hands, and do not mind the risk of a less than perfect finish.

It’s also important to note that while a DIY painter can paint a room, the time required for them to do so can be drastically different from the time it would take a professional. Most DIY painters can paint a room over a weekend, whereas a professional painting contractor might only require a couple of hours to get the same job done.

Just about anyone can pull off the basic room paintjob; if you have time, patience, and aren’t afraid of some light physical work this is the perfect job for a DIY painter.

Painting an Entire House

Painting an entire house will require significant more effort than a simple room repaint. Not only will the labour be more intensive but the planning will require more insight as well. Of course, this all depends on the size of the house. Failure to plan the entire job out properly can result in a lot of wasted money and time, two things that many people are lacking these days. Another issue with painting a house is the time required to do so, while many DIY painters could eventually get the job done, the time it takes them to complete an entire house may make taking on a job this size unrealistic.

Depending on the size of the house it could take a DIY painter weeks to finish, and without adequate job planning create a complete disaster zone and even running some of their property due to mishaps. In contrast, a skilled painting contractor can complete a house very efficiently and through their experience will know the best way to approach the job so as to minimize inconvenience to the occupants.

Painting an entire house may be out of scope of many DIY painters. You’ll need to consider access to every area that needs to be painted, specialized tools and equipment to reach these areas, and also the amount of time required to complete the paint job.

To DIY, or Not To DIY?

Whether or not you should take on a painting project will largely depend on the amount of time you have, your patience, and your physical ability. If you’re up for the task we have everything you need for a successful painting project; high-quality paint product such as Benjamin Moore paint, all the painting supplies you’ll ever need, and even friendly advice on how to get the job done.