3 Attractive And Trendy Kids Wallpaper Ideas

Most people think of kids’ bedrooms as a place of function more than fashion. The kids get an environment that makes them feel safe and happy, no matter the cost, and you get a room that you can easily close the door on when visitors come around. But this isn’t really the case. Kids’ bedroom decor has only exploded in the past few years, with novelty wallpapers and artisan designers creating entire lines of furniture and wallpaper specifically for kids. With the right combination of colours, patterns, and trendy furniture, your kids’ bedroom can be a fashionable statement all on its own. Here’s some wallpaper ideas that can form the central theme of your kids’ rooms.

The first trend is strong, geometric shapes which can actually blend well with cool floor designs. Think strong square patterns that aren’t too big to seem overly busy but give a distinctive feel. Then, you can do some hardwood flooring that uses different shades for a cool looking room any kid will want to play in. Plus, hardwood is always a good idea for kids rooms. It may be noisier, but it’s substantially easier to clean up in case of a spill or accident. Combine these types of wallpaper with bold but consistently coloured furniture so the room doesn’t feel over-stimulated, something no parent who wants to keep their sanity should do for kids’ decor. The same idea can also be done with circles, complete with circular rugs and mats for a cohesive style.

Next is themed wallpaper, which isn’t novelty wallpaper but a pattern or design that you can add to for a cohesive feel. Many parents like to start with something easy, like wallpaper of trees, and give the room a natural feel. If your kid loves nature, or has a ton of stuffed animals or natural looking toys, this can be a great decision. You can keep the stuffed animals on shelves directly on the wall, which can give the whole room a Where the Wild Things Are feel. It also works with a combination of toy airplanes and soldiers, if your child is a young history buff.

Finally there’s the novelty wallpaper, which combines your kids’ favourite hobbies and activities with a strong decor sense. Many parents are using strongly coloured squares for a pixelated feel for the room, coupled with straight-angled furniture that makes the room feel a bit like a video game. Some choice carpets that are uniquely shaped but also rely on a series of squares can complete the look without going overboard. Other patterns remain classics: racetracks or clouds are timeless for any kids.

Wallpaper is a great way to make bold decisions in your home’s decor without going overboard. Now you can be proud of your kids’ room without feeling like it’s all function and no fun.

2015 Paint Colour Trends You Need To Know About

2015 is already under full swing, which can be hard to believe. But with a new year comes new trends, new technologies, and new ways to turn heads with your choices in decor and colours. We’re already seeing some exciting new ways to paint your home, ways that call back to old-school sensibilities while paving the way for new and different trends that will surely be popping up as the year goes on. Here are some of our favourite trends this year, straight from the professionals dedicated to pushing home design in great new directions.

The first colour trend we’ve noticed is actually fairly basic at first glance, but have a new level of complexity. Many designers are calling the colour scheme “nuanced neutrals,” greys, blacks, and whites that have a little more depth than we usually find in these safe colour choices. Neutral are always a safe bet and long lasting. They can go with most furniture and let you replace pieces around it without losing cohesion. These new neutral colours add to the depth of your rooms, however, with textures and bold decisions that blend function and fashion. Look for clay blues and warm wine colours that offer something that;s at once laid back but draws attention.

Another trend we’re seeing pop up is much bolder: accent walls. With most walls in a room using one of the new neutrals, you can add some pop and flavour with a bold wall of a completely different colour. Think bright colours for accent walls, like blues or reds that immediately draw attention to themselves. Coupled with some clever furniture choices, such as painted chair legs that compliment your wall, and you’ll have a room that absolutely everyone will notice, and try in vain to copy.

But perhaps our favourite trend that’s already getting a lot of attention and acclaim this year is pastels. They’re swiftly moving out of nurseries and kids’ bedrooms and into other parts of the home. Look for grown up pastel colours for your bathrooms especially, which can add a level of elegance to rooms we usually paint with very functional colours. Doing so will make people want to simply hang out there since the warm, inviting soft pinks and yellows will feel comfortable and inviting. It’s a strange phenomenon, but we’re already seeing it happen!

These are just three ideas for new colours that you will find popping up all over this coming year, so if you’re on the market for some new colour choices, be sure to check out these colour ideas. With a combination of complex neutrals and bold accent walls, any room in your home will draw attention. And a clever and restrained use of pastels can make any room the place everyone wants to hang out. Be sure to keep an eye on any trends you see popping up this year, as 2015 is sure to be an exciting year for bold, new directions for painting colours.