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Sikkens Wood Stain

When people think of technological innovations when it comes to wood stains, they often think of Sikkens. Not only have they been around for over 200 years (yes, that makes them older than Canada), they’ve also been at the forefront of staining technology ever since. Today, when people buy a Sikkens wood stain, they are getting something that will make the most out of there wood products, whether it’s decks, furniture, or floors. Here’s four of our favourite places to use Sikkens wood stains.


Decks are expected to hold up against the most extreme elements, from snow and sleet to rain and beating sunshine. All of this takes a toll on our wooden decks, so you need a stain that will help out no matter the season or weather. The Sikkens ProLuxe line of stains are designed to protect wood year-round from damage, be it moisture, UV damage, rot or mold, or mildew. And while it keeps your wood protected, it also enhances its natural beauty, so you’ll have a deck that’s tough on the elements but easy on the eyes.

Logs and Siding

With the proper care, exterior logs and wooden siding can last hundreds of year. All it takes is the right products and a dedicated homeowner committed to keeping their home beautiful. Sikkens’ Cetol and Rubbol stains are high performance stains specially designed for logs, wooden siding, garage doors, and trim. Each is made with durability and long-lasting wood in mind, so it can keep your home looking its best for as long as you live, and even longer. Look to the Cetol products if you want something that’s colour enhancing, and the Rubbol if adhesion and colour retention are your main priorities.

Doors and Windows

Sikkens ProLuxe has a line dedicated specifically to doors and windows, designed to make these high-usage fixtures endure constant use and exposure. The formula expands and contracts with the climate and temperature differences, which is especially important for doors and windows, which are both outside and inside. So if you need a durable barrier against weathering while staying flexible to the elements, look to Sikkens.


Log cabons aren’t the only homes in the world that love wooden interiors, many poeple use wood for bannisters, flooring, trim and more. And with that in mind, Sikkens has developed a line of stains that are designed especially for the indoors. These products focus on durability and beauty, so they can stand up to wear and tear but also enhance the natural beauty of your wooden indoor fixtures. It’s really the best opition for making your home look as beautiful as possible.

The world of stains is technologically advanced much further than people think, and Sikkens is at the forefront of the future of stains. So if you want the latest and best stains available, look no further than Sikkens.

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