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Sansin Stains & Wood Coatings

Established in 1986, Sansins is a global leader in green, eco-friendly wood protection. Focused on creating high performance, beautiful water-borne wood finishes Sansin is an industry leader in providing innovative wood coatings and preservatives.

Found across the globe, Sansin Enviro Stains are becoming the leading choice amongst consumers who demand the nothing but the best performing finishes for their homes.

Primetime Paint & Paper is your Toronto Sansin dealer; we have featured some of their most popular products here, though we carry the entire Sansin product line. For more details, please contact us.

SDF – Penetrating One-Coat Finish

Sansin SDF provides a tough, effective protective coating for wood siding, decks, furniture, fascia, windows, and even doors. SDF’s has a unique formulation of oils and resins that penetrate into wood, resulting in a UV protected surface and an outstanding weather resistant finish. Colours are available in a wide range from natural, semi-transparent, and solids.

SDF’s unique water-borne technology provides complete protection in a single coating, although for an even lusher and richer finish two-coats can be applied.

Due the highly water-repellent nature of SDF, it is the perfect product for homes and structures located in environments that are rich with moisture. Providing exceptional exterior water-protection, SDF also protected the interior by allowing wood to “breathe” and thus preventing moisture from being trapped in the wood which can lead to rot.

SDF has been rated by siding manufactured as the most effective Natural finishes available on the market.

Dec – Two-Coat Deep Penetration


Of all the wood in your home, your deck sees the most use and abuse. Sansin Dec is specifically designed as a deeply penetrating, rugged finish formulated to protect your wood from the inside out.

While quite a number of deck coatings end up peeling and/or scratching, revealing the underlying wood to the elements, Dec provide long-lasting protection from UV exposure, rain, and snow. Dec is an ideal coating for exotic hardwoods, cedar, Southerin pine, and even pressure-treated lumber – no matter what your deck is made out of Sansin Dec’s deeply penetrating formula will protect and preserve your deck’s character and beauty.

Dec has been specially formulated without the use of flammable or harsh solvents. As with all Sansin Enviro Stains, it’s an environmentally friendly product which allows the underlying wood to “breate” and thus release any moisture that may be trapped within the wood and ultimately achieve moisture equilibrium that is paramount to prevent decay.

Dec has been formulated with a high solid count and uses strong pigmentation providing a long-lasting and rich, attractive finish. However, we all know that even the toughest deck finishes must be maintained and Sansin Dec makes it easy to keep your deck looking beautiful with a simple cleaning and maintenance coating.

Dec is available in a wide selection of beautiful colours.

Classic – Designed for log homes, excels on all woods

Sansin Classic is specially formulated for log and big timers, it is an easily maintained product and will keep wood looking fantastic for literally decades. The low-lustre, three-coat penetrating formula enhances the natural beauty of the wood and also allows it to breathe, providing moisture equilibrium and preventing rot.

Additionally, Sansin’s Classic works on all forms of vertical surfaces such as shingles, shakes, siding, and even fences. No matter what form of vertical wood surface you are protecting, you can expect the same high-performance finish featuring UV protection and water-repellent characteristics providing lasting, lush beauty.

Application of Classic is quite simple, and maintenance is a breath, the product cleans up with soap and water meaning you don’t have to deal with toxic, flammable, harsh solvents. Woods with high-moisture content can be treated since the formula uses water to carry modified natural oils deep into the logs. This is particularly useful with log homes as most of the time moisture levels in these structures can approach 25%. In contrast, most water (and solvent) based coatings require a moisture content of 18% or less and once they have been applied end up trapping the moisture deep within the logs.

Classic can also be used as a penetrating undercoat prior to application of Sansin ENS, allowing for enhanced protection against moisture.
Classic comes in a water-repellent top-coat and a low VOC clear UV coating.

ENS – A premium finish for any project

A durable two-coat finish, Sansin ENS can be applied to just about any surface, whther it’s siding, decks, millwork, it can also be used to improve the performance of other coating products. ENS is a self-priming coating providing exceptional adhesion to virtually any surface, resulting in a gloss or satin finish of unrivaled beauty.

Highly resistant to wear, and holds it’s colour for a long-time, ENS features some of the toughest UV protection available on the market. Undercoat ENS with SDF or Classic to even further enhance the maintenance cycle of your wood. No matter what your project is ENS will raise it to a new standard of beauty, be it a natural, semi-transparent, or solid finish.

To maximize performance throughout your maintenance cycle, be sure to use ENS Natural, or ENS Optimum Clear.

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