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Saman Eco-Friendly Wood Coatings


Introducing SamaN eco-friendly wood coatings products. Primarily involved in the field of wood coating and finishing, SamaN has been in the business for over 15 years offering a variety of innovative products. SamaN’s unique first-class product lineup boasting many eco-friendly traits sought after in today’s progressive market. Including low VOCS, non-toxic, solvent free, and virtually odourless performance from their wood coatings.

Crafting waterbase stains for over a decade

SamaN’s first water-based stain was revealed over a decade ago in 1998. Since then their products have established themelves well in the DIY wood staining market. Beyond the fantastic eco-friendly properties including low VOCs their revolutionary water based wood stain has some great stain qualities such as no need for pre-conditioning, no wood grain raising affect and no overlap marks.

SamaN wood coatings and products are available from your downtown Toronto paint store, Primetime Paint & Paper. For further information on SamaN products feel free to give us a call or visit us in store.

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