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High-Quality Wood Finishes by Penofin®

Penofin penetrating oil finish began production in 1982 and quickly became the leading high-quality oil finish preferred in Canada, the United States, and around the globe. You can find Penofin performing on decks, fences, siding, gazebos, log homes, floors, cabinets, antiques, and more. As a small family owned business, Penofin believes in supporting their own, as such they have a commitment to keeping their manufacturing process local to the Unites States. Further, their products are only available in local paint and hardware stores.

Brazilian Rosewood Oil

This innovative product uses Brazilian Rosewood Oil to provide unparalleled penetration and wood finishing. This oil is harvested from the seeds of the Oiticia tree and possessing some intriguing characteristics. It leaves no film behind while allowing the treated wood to retain it’s flexibility. It should also be noted that no trees are cut down or damaged to harvest this oil, the process is sustainable and the local economy heavily relies on this sustainability.

Transoxide Pigments

Wood needs to be protected from the sun, the unique Penofin formulation contains pigments which penetrate the wood protecting it from the inside against 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This creates a rich, transparent coloration that improves the natural character and beauty of wood and it’s grain.

Penetration & Performance

One of the most important features of Penofin is it’s ability to penetrate deeply into wood to protect and stabilize wood fibers while retaining the woods inherit flexibility. Penofin creates no lap marks and is quick drying. The low-solid formulation will not crack, peel, or chip. The finest mildewcide availabe is utilzed in the formula to slow the growth of mold and mildew as much as is possible.

No Stripping, No Sanding

Re-application of Penofin is a breeze, unlike traditional surface lying stains. Due to the deeply penetrating formula, when the time comes to re-apply Penofin, you simply clean the surface, allow it to dry, and re-apply. There is no need to strip, sand, or aggressively prep the surface. Another great feature is that all Penofin oil based stains are compatible with one another, making it easy to change the colour of your stain from one year to the next should you choose to update your look.

Blue Label Penofin (Exterior)

blue label penofin canThe work horse of the Penofin product line, Blue Label provides ten transparent tons utilizing the Braziliain Rosewood Oil to deeply penetrate and protect the wood against moisture and sun providing 90% ultraviolet protection. Transoxide pigments take the bite out of the sun’s ability to fade colors. Pigments won’t fade, peel off, or become chalky.

Ultra Premium Penofin (Exterior)

ultra premium penofin canUltra Premium Formula delivering the highest Penofin performance available. Comes in ten transparent tones. Highest ultraviolet protection blocking 99% provided by increased transoxide pigment content. Enhanced mildew protection. Does not form a film on wood surface.

Penofin Verde (Interior & Exterior)

penofin verde canSpecial formula designed to interior and exterior performance. Designed to the highest of environmental standards, Verde is a zero-V.O.C odourless formula and contains no petroleum bi-products. Verde is safe to use around the house near plants, pets, and children. Utilizing Brazilian Rosewood Oil in combination with Tung Oil and natural vegetable, sunflower, and soy resins combined with vegetable ester solvents and zero-VOC pigments. Verde is the industries leading green penetrating-oil finish.
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