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ARBORCOAT® Premium Exterior Stain

ARBORCOAT is Benjamin Moore’s new revolutionary waterborne stain system, which sets a new benchmark in stain performance. ARBORCOAT stands up to the elements thanks to advanced engineering producing attributes such as a renewable cleat coat, superior penetration and UV protection. ARBORCOAT outlasts the competition, looking new after many seasons of wear and tear from the elements.

ARBORCOAT Waterborne Exterior Stain is available at your downtown Toronto paint store, Primetime Paint & Paper. For more information on ARBORCOAT Waterborne Exterior Stain or the full Benjamin Moore product line, please contact us.

ARBORCOAT is available in a wide variety of colours and opacities, so you get the look you want without compromising the protection of your wood.

ARBORCOAT’s features and benefits

Engineered for superior durability and protection, ARBORCOAT outperforms the best alkyd stains on the market. Will look great for years with a minimum of maintenance. Waterborne technology makes ARBORCOAT easy to apply, easy to clean up and easy on the environment.

ARBORCOAT is available in:

  • Ultra Flat Solid Siding Stain
  • Solid Waterborne Stain
  • Semi Solid Waterborne Stain
  • Semi Transparent Waterborne Stain
  • Translucent Waterborne Stain
  • Clear Waterborne Top Coat
  • Clear Waterborne Waterproofer
  • Semi Solid Classic Oil Finish
  • Semi Transparent Classic Oil Finish
  • Translucent Classic Oil Finish
  • Exterior Oil Primer

Ideal for siding

ARBORCOAT’s finishes offering ultimate durability, outperforming the best alkyd stains on the market. They are easy to apply, repel water and are mildew-resistant. Transparent and Semi-Transparent Finishes offer unique resins that penetrate for great UV protection.

Ideal for decks

All of ARBORCOAT’s finishes offer a tough, scuff resistant finish that withstand heavy foot traffic. ARBORCOAT’s Advanced Deck System looks rich year after year with easy annual maintenance that is simple to apply, repels water and is mildew-resistant. Transparent and Semi Transparent Finishes offer a unique two-coat system for ultimate UV protection. For maximum protection, the Protective Clear Coat can be re-applied annually, featuring resins that penetrate and protect your deck. 

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