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Van’s Instant Gun Blue

Van’s Instant Gun Blue

Started in the early forties, Van’s Instant Gun Blue, was founded by C.S VanGorden. The family has continue, for several generations, to both distribute and manufacture their renouned Van’s Instant Gun Blue across the North American region.


Steel Preparation for Van’s Instant Gun Blue

Steel preparation before the use of Van’s Instant Gun Blue is incredibly important to acquiring high-quality results. You’ll need to smooth out pits, scratches, and any rust that may be present. This process can be easily achieved using very fine sandpaper (for instance in the 600 to 1200 grit range) and/or simple steel wool. The next step is to fully degrease the steel, as oils will prevent a homogenous penetration of Van’s into the steel substrate. There are a variety of degreasers on the market that will suffice in this task. Acetone or denatured alcohol prove to be very successful at this task, whereas Pink Naval Jelly comes highly regarded to utterly strip the factory finish.

Van’s Instant Gun Blue Application

Application of Van’s Instant Gun Blue can be achieved easily using a clean cloth. One great method is to simply use an old 100% cotton shirt or even an unused tooth brush. It is not recommended to use cotton swabs, cotton balls, or gun patches as these can contain their own oils. Apply Van’s in 2-3 inch areas to ensure that the bluing is applied consistently. Once you’ve achieved the color you want, wipe the area clean with a dry cloth. The area will appear quite dull, the next step is to buff the area with some #0000 steel wool, this will bring out the luster in the blued area while also blending it with the rest of the gun. Continue this process working on the entire surface, once you’ve achieved your desired finish, stop the oxidation process by applying your preferred gun oil.

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