Stucco Italiano

The finest Venetian plasters

We carry a variety of products from Stucco Italiano. A little about the company: Stucco Italiano owner Aaron Cohen is a professional contractor at the top of his field for more than two decades. Aaron is regarded as not only an exceptionally talented artisan but also an authority on wall finishing methods. His need to look for the best eco-friendly and high quality materials led him to Vicenza, the Stucco Italiano of Italy, which Aaron currently imports as the sole distributor within the US.


Plasters of true Italian heritage

Stucco Italiano is produced in Italy near Venice in the center of the Veneto Region, supervised by master artisan and installer Giovanni Polistena. This area is well-noted for being among the wealthiest in Italian architectural heritage and craftsmanship.

Giovanni Polistena commenced his enterprise in Italia over 3 decades ago. His primary goal is to share traditional Italian stuccos and original application techniques. As Venetian stuccos have become relatively popular around the world, this goal has become nothing short of a quest. Regrettably, this stylish trend of utilizing Italian stuccos has urged the production of lower quality imitations as well as incorrect application methods. This being the case, Stucco Italiano’s primary objective has become to supply training and teaching for professionals wishing to learn the proper techniques and usage of high quality Stucco Italiano products.

Stucco Italiano Venetian plasters are available from your downtown Toronto paint store, Primetime Paint & Paper. For further information on Stucco Italiano products feel free to give us a call or visit the store.


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