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Seymour – Custom Spray Paint

Custom spray paint is a fantastic solution to those tricky, tedious paint jobs such as painting radiators, wicker furniture, air vents, bi-fold doors, and more. We can make you a custom aerosol can in any paint colour you need and in a variety of sheens.

Uses and Benefits of Custom Spray Paints

The use of custom spray paint has become popular because of the various advantages it has over traditional paint application processes. Used in the painting of products from automotive parts to craft work, spray paint has evolved to become the solution to any number of difficult paint jobs. Its use is also common amongst street artists and for the purpose of stenciling information.

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Spray painting dates back to 1892, when a mix of oil and white lead was sprayed using a hose and specially designed nozzle to beat tight deadlines. Later, in 1949, Ed Seymour invented a novelty “spray gun” applicator that worked in a similar fashion to the method used to spray insecticides. The gun consisted of a small can of paint, fitted with a spray head and an aerosol propellant. The invention proved to be so popular that Seymour went on to perfect the spray can and then to develop the custom spray paint formula, as well as the equipment needed to fill the cans.


Custom spray paints are used with official stencils to label objects such as vehicles or locations clearly. In street art, the use of spray paints enables artists to produce work with a wide choice of rich colors. The custom spray paints used for this purpose are thicker and less likely to drip, and are sold in high-pressure cans that provide the artist with greater flexibility and control. Used by industry for fast, semi-permanent marking at surveying and construction sites, some associations have standardized colors of custom spray paint for specific utility purposes. Custom spray paints are also used to coat wooden products such as doors and kitchen cabinets, by feeding the items from a conveyor belt into a large flatline machine for spraying.


The type of custom spray paint available include low luster, high-gloss and semi-gloss finishes. These can be used on products from computer parts to plastic toys, and small items that are difficult to work on using a paint brush. Some paints are formulated to provide a durable epoxy finish for outdoor items, while others contain ingredients that make them capable of adhering to plastic and other smooth surfaces. A range of custom spray paints are heat- or cold-resistant, and others can withstand moisture and protect against rust. Shades can be mixed, and products such as glitter or fluorescent coloring added to jazz up the painted surface.


Over time, both the spray can and the paints used have improved, to the point that custom spray paints have become a primary choice. Reasons for this include the speed and simplicity of the application process, and benefits such as better penetration of the color and uniformity of the coating. In addition, the paint needs very little thinners added, which reduces the drying time as well as the quantity of solvents released into the environment.

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